Lady And The Tramp – FULL MOVIE

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Jim “Dear” and “Darling” have had Lady, their pedigree cocker spaniel, since she was a puppy. Using her charms on them, Lady has been a pampered part of thei…

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Kimora Williamson says:

That’s cute:)

thinprincess87 says:

thanks for posting this I need to get the DVD for my collection

Edilberto Jimenez says:

You should upload the sequel. I always wanted to see lady and the tramp 2

Jon Sai says:

i love the cat song:)

Roadside Romeo says:

Im sometimes a womanizer too….

MiddleofNowhereGirl says:

The beaver just reminds me of a brown Gopher from Winnie the Pooh

amoxilpink says:

Thank you for uploading!

KDub Boogie says:

That Woman Sarah is a straight BITCH >:( she kick Lady out but not her ugly ass Cats smh lol

GotWhatMemorized says:

That woman has no right putting a muzzle on someone else’s dog.. leave your racist cats at home! bitch!

KatAttack10429 says:

This is what Disney needs again. Something that is deeper meaning than what they have today. I want this again!

Balraj Atwal says:


suha haris says:

it’s wonderful

CallaLily2818 says:

The awkward moment when you realize that Jock and Trusty are trying to save her honor by marrying her. Oh, the things you don’t catch as a child.

dezyree head says:

i cried because i thout that the b=dog with the brokin arm died :’(

aruanaleman79 says:

Landy and tramp make are so cute togeter

aronhansen says:

Lady and the tramp i just an amazing dasney movie i love it

Snowfur134 says:

sad scene :/

Snowfur134 says:

such an amazing movie

rheb troy osorio says:

Love it

Lauren Perrett says:

I mean who would dislike the lady and tramp

Lauren Perrett says:

I really enjoy watching lady and the tramp 1 and 2 . What would dislike this film I loved it :):):):):):):)

kieran ohalloran says:

I really like watching Lady and the tramp 1 and 2. They are very good films to watch :):):):):):):)

LOveeCess says:

thank you Miletta

nana shamas says:

Very nice

katarincabloom says:

happy to watch film :)

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