The Wicked (2013) Horror – FULL MOVIE

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kayesyg53 says:

Good movie

NicoleKohli says:

Dude in the orange is a massive dick!

Juncanoy07 says:

hahaha movie mistake the cameraman is in the corner!!!

Lachie K says:

Remind me of the movie ” TOOTH FAIRY” Cheek that movie out if you liked this one!!!

Stenwolf L. says:

Hey, if you could upload Wrong Turn 5, I will love you forever…This is a nice upload also!

debra stinson says:

this was pretty good moive

Geoxile says:

Is it just me, or do a lot of bad horror movies have “mary sue” type monsters? 

Juncanoy07 says:

boring movie– MaMa

Dixie Brown says:


Everaa Richard says:

If you could, please upload the movie V/H/S…watched that as a rental at my friends house….fucking deadly movie

Bellthegaomon says:

Saw trilogy i wanna make my boyfriend squeal in terror. :3

Aryan Hosseini says:

1:15:15 Cameraman sitting in the corner HAHAHA BITCHHHH

epicfreak101 says:

no matter how many people she killed in the end she wasn’t all that pretty :P no offesne to her.

nlsnowden93 says:

Bloody Mary!

maysam784 says:

ok i take that back this is some disney trying to be horror shit wtf man… u losers actually like this crap? ! beginning of the movie is such a false impression

liketheuniverse11 says:

…I don’t like her smile… O.o GULP!!

maysam784 says:

thx 4 the upload saaaan!

Kathy Vernon says:

it is

Jackieluvsyu12 says:

Please and thank you

Jackieluvsyu12 says:

Please put mama

Kathy Vernon says:

mama is very good movie

sengie thao says: has it on their site, just look it up

alisha s says:

it is on youtube already i don’t know for how long though just type in
(mama full movie)


pet sematary

Dilaysahin02 says:

Gosh 40:50 till 41:12 Damn i scared the shit out off me!

Dilaysahin02 says:

I like it

Hank Hill says:

cabin in the woods?

rajindersidhu482 says:

shit movie

Darren Froud says:

It’s a childish title… Not deceived because the title was clear !

ilovemusicihateyou says:

you didn’t watch the story line. that was probably why its wasn’t good. actually it was a pretty good movie. but that is my opinion.

Tugba Ilhan says:

i enjoy watching this movie ,it is amazing , im always watching it everyday i dont know why , please i want to watch somemore movies like this one . everyone at newland school for girls had watched it they say 100% :)) they loved it

Hellgirl898 says:

It was pretty good thanks for posting it. You should post more movies. :)

ANA S says:

this movie was owwwsome!!

jeepbri1 says:

Watched the first 5 mins, skipped ahead & watched 3 mins in the middle & skipped 2 the last 3 mins, worst 11 mins of my life.!!. Horrible movie. But thanx 4 posting

Opal Milota says:

those cops are halarious!!!!!!!!

01795530287 says:

Please could u upload mama for us I hear it’s very scaryyyyyyy

mecca loc says:


mecca loc says:

that boy is a pussy ” i just dont wanna go all the way for now “

Jacob Santiago says:

can u plz put up Texas Chainsaw the new one thanks

MrRebeccavega1 says:

I hope is good?! Well tell uou later….. :+)

mecca loc says:

if this movie aint good i am gonna do a real life horror flick with a butcher fuccin knife we all clear!?!?

julieb1113 says:

Thank u so much for posting this movie:).x

Matt Fraser says:

It was Awesome! Thank you for sharing, any other movies? Cheers

Sims2HorrorMovie says:

What me to put up another movie? Ask! :) I will try upload it :)

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