A Frozen Flower (Action,Drama,2013,KOREA) FULL MOVIE with English subtitles

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Xentradi97 says:

Actually the information is inaccurate. Kongmin’s homosexual act was not recorded or confirmed part of history. Also, his wife was not Chinese Princess. She was of Mongol dynasty Yuan who unified and ruled China at the time. Kongmin and the Mongol Princess actually had a wonderful relationship and he loved her very much. So much so that when she passed away he started to crumble as a ruler.

qlgks00 says:

So sad

MrMammadin says:

gangnam style

Lia Khaerumi says:

it’s good movie.

chesterquioyo01 says:

I really like the story… I watched it even it does’nt hace english sub but iwas able to comprehen it…. ending was a bit tragic though in after life they have live together…. true love it ia. Even they have commited mistake in the pasr they have continue to love each other through eternity….m

Dejan Ristov says:

which bed scene?

panda2997ify says:

Good but it takes for a long time

ChickenRoast4137 says:

The wicked shall be turned into hell, [and] all the nations that forget God.-Psalms 9:17


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therealcazine says:

It is. The king is dumb for ever suggesting it. He figured that the Chief was so loyal to him that it would not be a problem. He was very wrong.

therealcazine says:

She definitely mentions it. She says something like, “If word gets out what you do for the king, it could be damaging at this time.” Those aren’t the exact words, of course. She knows. You can tell that she knows.

dacz agas says:


amazed86 says:

I don’t get the ending… :((

waitingforsunrise69 says:

Soo jihyo gave her all fr her career ?

delightscreeted says:


delightscreeted says:

Wookieepedia she’s ho

Riya Dewi says:

I like,,,

maisarahfatin4624 says:

anyways, ji hyo is great :) superb acting

kasoot96 says:

You have to press the cc button for the subtitles

Sanjay Panwar says:

very nice

pb695 says:

3 of them suffered… but jihyo suffered the most… she was pushed to jisung by the king..

Nurul Aishah says:

dont punish ji hyo , this just an act and the past

Nurul Aishah says:

dont punish her :(

Felicia H says:

i feel sry for the chief. He is torn between his love for the king and queen…

Y0UAMAMA says:

It’s say with English subtitles but I didn’t see any. Argh!

cocomielkr1 says:

pour king.. everyone betrays him. but he is the evil in the movie :(

leeuniverse says:

turn on closed captioning for sub titles

funkyfitzuk says:

Umm subtitles?

erikaxxxjeff says:

quite a story…like =)

muty said says:

from the three of them i believe the king’s love is the purest of them all, but i felt really sorry for the queen to have to go through that. as a women that is humiliation but song jihyo played it really well, i love her!

MissingRollers says:

Most likely, since there was I think one scene of it when her tits looks hardened up, like so really 有反应?

ShengDj says:

fucking kill that man!

ShengDj says:

OMFG!!!!!!!!! Jihyo ):

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