【Action】Jackie Chan –Chinese Zodiac 12– 2013 Full Movie /English Subtitles

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Seven years in the making, “CZ12″ cost US$50 million (S$61.1 million) to shoot, and also stars Korean heartthrob Kwon Sang Woo. Jackie Chan’s spectacular new…

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Jacky Chang says:

I love Jackie Chan movies!!!! I’M NAMED AFTER HIM!!

Simon Tan says:

Are u jackie chan


What do you mean I am a legend.

Meztrov2019 says:

Anyone get the Eastern Dragon Reference in the sky? lol

pavneet kaur says:

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grindhouse74 says:

yes it can, this movie is based on a true story, and in real life that actually happened….

Justus Mcvincent says:

what an awesome movie…. Jacki chan is a LEGEND!!!!

Jefraen Odalio says:



hey asshole, stop putting fake thumbnail u dumb fuck!

Myatnore Phyu says:


afiq azhar says:

i like this movie

david wolfe says:

jackie as alway good proformance

dontalktomeee says:

That amount of air cushion won’t save you from that fall

Eduard Decordobes says:

Jackie is really the greatest,he makes the good combination off fighting and humor,and not forget those lovely Asian girls.Really a good movie.

xymo08 says:


Peng Joon Chan says:

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Valius v says:

wtf? what about copyrights?

gentrit uck says:

Good M0vieee <####

janna obispo says:

all indians are smell SHIIIT!!!! please dont be abset its true and, its science!

Joy vargas says:

Thankssss. Uu. Lov. It. This. Movie

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