Naruto Shippuden Movie 6 – Road to Ninja (Full Movie) [ENGLISH SUB]

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This movie was translated by myself, CloneCharizard & AaaaNinja Please note that if you’ve already seen this on another Anime site or re-…


mem95mem says:

This isnt japanesse

wildboymoo6 says:

Epic movie!

1337kashire says:

its korean

IamOndroWino . says:

i think it’s japanese.

Annie Giang says:

love this movie!!!!

Aditya Nayak says:

awesome, so much emotion when Naruto is back with his family….i was crying :(… so awesome story… and we got an idea what will be the unlimited version of the jutsu in the the real versio/manga… man this was awesome… and best part was with hinata LOLOL

Jkeez07 says:

i thought it will be released around july , isn’t it?

Ted X says:

and this movie includes japanese, english, and korea and maybe a little chinese at the beginning because some japanese are similar to chinese, I know you are angry because you do not understand japanese

Ted X says:

you say so since you are stupid, you cannot even identify difference between chinese and japanese, or you are angry because you do not know there is a language called japanese.

Meydri says:

To be precise, it’s probably korean. And yes, it sucks. TwT But at the end of April, the HD version with japanese audio and english subtitles will be uploaded at narutospot, so we can only wait -w-

adiramdani06 says:


Aymane Mehdi says:

I cried so much at the end !! Such an epic movie !

Nicolas Gouard says:

This is fucking chineese language , fuck !!!!

Ameer Khan says:

sad movie though it was amazing and thought us how to live with such a heavy burden

jaewon978672 says:

this is korean 싸이 젠틀맨!!!! 한국이 짱임

Kavon Harris says:

It has nothing to do with the main story at all.

Kavon Harris says:

Not bad but, I think Blood Prison was better

RegalGP says:

i dont think they wanted to spoil it besides i dont think he partners with nine tails till he fight obito remember this is the movie not anime

Ezequiel Godinez says:

menma looked like sasuke at certain angles, especially with the sharingan eye

AwesomeMcPlayer1 says:

Menma looks like sasuke when his evil…Btw Great Movie!!!
made me cry a little in the ending and some of the happy/sad part.

sakukyuubi says:

My gawd this was so EPIC

Re Kaball says:

because that’s only a tiny part of kyubi’s chackra.not enough to level kyubi’s entire chackra

eLKaye101 says:

it’s Korean..

AwesomeMcPlayer1 says:

Cant believe I didnt even hear Hidan talk about his fuckin god

adrian rodriguez says:

Naruto vs Menma more epic battle than Sasuke like if you agree .

SakuraAvalon says:

:/ I found the whole movie depressing, was freakin’ annoyed until Iruka showed up at the end and we finally got a happy ending.

SakuraAvalon says:

My God this movie was sad.

trikoalt says:

this is a movie

Ohyes Imaduck says:

Best Naruto movie ever, period.

Jessica Aguilera says:

I’ve waited so long to watch this movie, I’m super happy.

AliceWhattt says:

must people complain about the language? i get there are certain versions you’d prefer but coming in here to complain after someone took the time to translate and upload it…..-__-

kenneth inihao says:

when did this storyline happened after the war???

trikoalt says:

wtf is this language??

Anfernee Lao says:

when will it be?

Justaann Nguyen says:

This made me teary eyed Lol

rudy jofre says:

I like that world

Wilailak H says:

joji’s voice in korean same like in japanese!


evil naruto looks hella gay

kevin cubes says:

Beastly as always

Jon Hoang says:

Like the series

Jon Hoang says:

I hate naruto voice why cant it be lime the series

Scarlet Moon says:

im sorry to say but i still prefer japanese dub…. i still havent watch the korean ver. so i will wait for the japanese dub

BeatCrusaderXD says:

@Danielx021 He tames kyubi mode during the great ninja war, this movie is previous to the war so he hasnt tamed it yet.

Danielx021 says:


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