Watercolor Photo Manipulation | Photoshop Tutorial

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Creating a watercolor masterpiece usually requires a vast amount of time, talent, and creativity… Amusingly enough, Photoshop makes this kind of stuff poss…

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mm ss says:

I wanna Fuck with u hahah thanks :)

Rahul Sharma says:

lovely tutorial in happy go lucky mood. :) perfect thanks again.

shinimitsuki says:

Sorry for the wrong typing, my head hurts since I’ve been using my laptop all day…^^ Thumbs up for this I so love it. :)

shinimitsuki says:

OMG! I so like your voice…anyhow I wanna know how you did you the 9:31, I’m still trying to figure out how you turn the whole photo white…is there any shortcut keys? LOL I’m watching your video while doing the best I can on editing a photo. I’m still a beginner and I’m also an Animation student in which Photoshop is a subject which I’m going to learn soon at school but practicing now might help me since I’m on a summer break…I really love the watercolor effect and I’m eager to learn.

Naveen Nayak K C says:

wher i can get water color images.. cn u suggest me some links.

Kr. Sameer says:

i couldn’t find there….can’t you provide a link in the comment.

ChChCheckItsClan says:

Look in the description =)

Kr. Sameer says:

Hey ChChCheckitsclan I m new to your channel……
I liked this video very much…awesome effect…Great Work …..nd I m also trying this with my picture but where can I find your deep sea action files.
which r necessary….
please provide me a link to download those action file pack……
waiting 4 reply…..

Bilal Ahmed says:

Thanks… you are super awesome…
I guess 8 people don’t have Photoshop !!!

ElRousey says:

Eli can tell the haters to eat it because what you all do is really great. I’ve learned so much from watching you guys.

bennyt6182 says:


emilyssongss says:

everything goes smooth until the very end when i make a mask and control paste the picture in the mask and and go to invert. the issue is after i make the mask clicking alt and clicking the mask icon doesn’t open the mask, nothing happens, thoughts?

Cyber Mobyx says:

i need to appreciate u for teaching everyone ur knowledge !!!

Esther Shohet says:


Aadhil Rizwan says:

Thank you it came out great

TheMohaLee says:

Hey, how r u.. :)
Do u hv any idea wht cursor theme r u using in this vid?? hopefully a link.. :-?
i like the cursors without those stupid tails..

Jainam Desai says:

That’s freaking amazing wad u do …. all da tutorials are damn easy to go for …. and da results are unimaginable ;) ;) good work…. i wud rather say … da best work … ;) liked and subscribed ….. and i really made 1 of my own :P … thnx alot ~~~~

SarasDVS says:

Lol me too.

Wroughton10 says:

You are awesome. :D

OuskProductions says:

I saw the thumbnail and I thought it was Anthony from Smosh.

Sana Sivaraj says:

A-M-A-A-Z-I-N-G tutorial,and yes you do say each and everything..which is damn helpful for beginners like me..
Thanks a bunch!!

debramcculloch4 says:


Sofiane Zeroual says:

OMG How did you learn all this stuffs ?

88maartje88 says:

cause I hear that you are just yourself :)

ChChCheckItsClan says:

Hahaha why thank you!

88maartje88 says:

your way of talking is fun

zoltan139 says:

Amazing :))

zoltan139 says:


GritzGraphics says:

Is it just me or does Eli look like Anthony from Smosh?

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