Four Wariors (Action,2013,CHINA) FULL MOVIE with English subtitles

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ArmenSur says:

brilliant thumbnail

adam85120 says:

At 1950s, 70%-80% of the Chinese population had no ability to read and write, today is less then 3%, what do you sir think, if there is one guy at the 50s said the following:

“hey, most of us can’t write or read, let’s stay this way and make our whole nation do the samething! let those geeks walk away and attempt school somewhere else! or brainwash them if it makes it easier. ”

sound familiar?

adam85120 says:

And may i make it clear, just because Mandarin is understood by the majority in China, does not change the fact that it was greatly influenced by the invader who were not able to correctly speak the Middle Chinese at that time, and they forced their accident as official. so not only that Mandarin is not something to be proud of, it’s existence should be a shame of Han Chinese.

adam85120 says:

If you sir insist, my option is, not only Cantonese, but almost any other dialects of the Sino-Tibetan language group, such as Hakka, Wu, Min, etc. they are also way way more authenticate (if you will) and advanced then Mandarin.

Karthik Sekar says:

nice movie, guys can you give the names of more movies like these. Have always wanted to see Chinese movie but don’t know the names.

hmiaosys says:

last and not least, putonghua is understood by 90% of the population, it’s a fact, so you can shut up and walk away and watch tvb living in your own delusional bubble, no one would care, by the way, I myself don’t give a crap about what original chinese was, no one is pure, I might be an assimilated native, but how dare you cantonese think u are “more authenticate” which is nothing more than a delusion.

hmiaosys says:

furthermore, cantonese are a mixture of han and daic people who were of south east asians, don;t u notice that?not the movie stars.countless dna analysis prove on a large scale, the cantonese population are actually assimilated natives.just like 1 million mainlanders, which was a huge migration number, went to taiwan but still only occupied 1/10 of the tanwan population, so your language may keep some old chinese attributes(which dialect doesn’t lol) but overall it’s also a hybrid.

hmiaosys says:

lol, I study chinese history heaps, more than you can imagine, not only history, I study han chinese dna analysis too, don’t even get me started. You keep saying Mandarin but Mandarin means nothing but “official language”, so you actually meant beijing dialect, which is surely has a short history being the official language.

Plisskin Aleksandrov says:


Marynel Domingo says:

so true..

kristyyylove says:

That wolf guy is cuuute ;)

adam85120 says:

These facts can go on and on, Mandarin is the most foreign influenced dialect of the Sino-Tibetan language by a lower cultural society (Manchu).

Therefore, if there are any Han Chinese whose native language happens to be Mandarin and are proud of it, these individuals are in need for more knowledge of their own culture and deeper understanding of the Chinese history.

adam85120 says:

Fact3: Before Manchu’s invasion and took power, Peking (Beijing) dialect did not carry ZH(zhr) CH(chr) SH(shr) R(rr), and had Checked Tone.

Fact4: Checked Tone is pronounced in other Asian languages/dialects such as Japanese, Korean, Cantonese, Wu, Vietnamese, etc. those who are influenced or passed down by Middle Chinese(BC300-1700).

adam85120 says:

Fact1: According to the Chinese officials, Mandarin is based on, and shall be correctly spoken as the dialect of Beijing, therefore, Mandarin IS Beijing dialect(16xx-present), not a category of dialects.

Fact2: Mandarin is one of the few dialects that do not carry Checked Tone(Entering Tone), Checked Tone is the most identified characteristics of the tradition Middle Chinese.

Ryan Flood says:

wow that tag pic was greatly misleading

petchuta says:

wow any time you can have martial arts magic and zombies all rolled into 1 instant classic flick! ill buy that for a dollar+++++++++ awesome movie… im a fan of you! thanks(^_^)

hmiaosys says:

no it’s not, it’s sweeter.

Jason Trimble says:

nice movie! Thanks for sharing!

thanqualthehighseer says:

the thumbnail pic brought me here.

bruffie1 says:

So…’s not an Orange then?

john dode says:

เรื่องไร หว่าา ไม่รุ้เรย

19grand says:

By French do you mean the Normans? Normans took the thrown and had a big impact on the evolution of ‘English’ culture and language. In other words they stayed put. Everything is everything. :)

Norman Schopenhauer says:

What’s the name of the actress in the wheelchair?

keepsitsreal says:

For some reason x-men comes to mind with all their powers

elsamuraiguapo says:

‘Cause its what people there understand. You won’t make a movie that most of the population can’t comprehend.

hmiaosys says:

troll more. do you understand what mandarin is?it’s a name for all northern dialects, it includes north east, central, south west, north west, not just beijing dialect, putonghua is just beijing dialect, it’s just a mandarin dialect. and in the movie they use putonghua because 90% of the chinese people can understand it. cantonese always make such false accusations, most of you aren’t even han decedant, look at you, most of cantonese ordinary people look Vietnamese, okay? god.

adam85120 says:

Why would they speak mandarin, mandarin didn’t even exist until 300 years ago when the Manchu people invaded China and made their accented chinese (Mandarin) into the central chinese language..

Seems like they don’t even know the base Chinese history and they try to make movies out of it huh. well i guess it’s good action.

mhin rdc says:

thank you

Pemuda Pemudi says:

cina babi

Gillie Dee says:

AMAZING !!!…..Love the soundtrack !!!

pylon39 says:

it worked on me ;)

DiAnE0984 says:

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normichaelismail says:

THE FOUR is the real title this is the first movie,there’s another 1,,,i just read in the google…well the four mean’s…cold blood,hearthless,iron fist and hunter….a Chinese hongkong movie…the character is deng chao,liu yifei,collin chou,ronald cheng, and anthony wong…global times most critics the four,for being similar to those in marvels comics xmen,and reffered the film as”a poor imitation w/ chinese characteristic..xmen,van helsing,resident evil,garnish w/ kung fu…right….

normichaelismail says:

I wish there was a part 2,,,coz this movie was great…..thanks a lot…

Mark Lewis says:

One of the best chinese movies i’ve seen in a while :)))) brilliant acting n sequences :)))

AnonymousXM8 says:

The thumbnail has nothing to do with the movie. This is a good movie, you don’t need boobs to attract viewers

emrine23 says:

really good movie and the actresses are hot xD just the sub is toO fast cant read alL the words :p

wszqsyt9 says:

Mistranslation :should be Top 4 Police men

JYSBLN670 says:

Thank you..i get to relax need to drive everywhere ti find
This kind of movies..

Citizen Rebel says:

it’s all about the money honey. They do that to cash in. Grab money in America is all it is about.

Robertus Wendi says:

mantabz gan…

Ma. Luisa Braga says:


Abgz Anep says:

Great! Thanks.

Ahmed Nadhir says:

i rock

Collin Davis says:

What is the picture for the video from

krizitoyness says:

where the fuck is the thumbs up for the short cut for the thumb nail.?!

terminater4452 says:

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nice action

Elijah Avante says:

since no comments are pertaining to the movie i’ll write one.. the movie is great :)

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