Window Pane 9 Patch Quilt Tutorial

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Close — Jenny Doan shows us how to make the breathtaking Window Pane 9 Patch Quilt. It’s a simple yet stunning project. To get the mate…

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jyuskin says:

Fantastic info once again. Thank you.

quiltnewbe2011 says:

I fell in love with the Disappearing Nine Patch and I showed my friend who absolutely went bonkers for it too! It made it so easy for her to make a pattern that looks like she did a lot of work and didn’t!!!! I am definitely going to make sure she sees this too! We both love you Jenny! You are our inspiration for quick and easy quilts using precuts! Happy Mother’s Day!

NavyMom3 says:

Happy Mother’s and Grandma Day Jenny!! Love the tutorial How cool is that !! ;)

Debra Sonner says:

Happy Mother’s Day Jenny. You are a wonderful instructor! I so enjoy your tutorials. As a beginner, they inspire me!

Barbara Rasch says:

This is a great video. Thank you so much for a fast and easy quilt

chestnuttony says:

Super method and very interesting where did you get that magic iron.

BlackcatNZ says:

As usual another brilliant video Jenny <3

Evita Piepho says:

fINALLY YOU HAVE THE MACHINE IN THE CORRECT PLACE. tHE WAY IT IS NOW, INSIDE THE TABLE, IT GIVES YOU MORE SUPPORT FOR THE SEWING.Sorry it is all capital letters. Anyway thanks for another great tutorial and have a blessed Mother’s Day with your lovely family.

Cauleen Stradling says:

I’ve wondered how this quilt style was made! Thanks for ending the mystery. Your tutorials are the BEST! Thank you!

craftymom7 says:

I love all of your tutorials, Jenny!  :) Happy Mother’s Day , Everyone!!!!!!

Angela Patton says:

I made the disappearing 9 many times for baby quilts. Since these blocks are larger I want to try a larger quilt. How many do I need for a twin size? You sometimes show us what it takes to make different sizes. Just love your tutorals!! Thanks

thinkbeads says:

Awesome….as usual :)

thinkbeads says:

I think it’s the first sample piece from the beginning of the video….go back and look….Jenny just switched them out for whatever reason.

Sarah Miller says:

Thanks for sharing, I loved how you said” make sure you don’t have to line up any seams” That is so good to hear!

glyncor says:

It looks like the Oliso Pro smart iron.

glyncor says:

What a fun pattern. Thanks for posting it for us!

joyce oneil says:

What fabric line was used for the quilt on the wall? Love your turorials

Linda Gann says:

I’m anxious to try this one for a baby quilt.

Kimberly Fox says:

where does she get her iron?

ivorymomm says:

I have always thought there was no editing until your center blue square turned into an orange one. This is yet another addition to my favorites list!

Donna Vittorio says:

Fantastic, I love it. What is the name of the charm pack you used that is behind you? It has such beautiful colours in it.

happybnsingle says:

I have a lot of batiks left over from previous quilts…. This is definitely my next one to do. As always, you have the most amazing tutorials. Thanks so much for sharing these projects with us!

Judy Brook says:

Another great tutorial Jenny, you make it look so easy to understand, thank you. By the way love the iron.

Mary Mote says:

love the vidio am making a large size for the souldier program am using the honor and glory layer cake. I put red in center. am almost done is really looking good thank you for the ide Mary

pumpkinseed45 says:

Wow how cool, love the quilt. thanks so much for telling how to do such an easy quilt.

Alonna Mottern says:

I love you, Jenny. You are such an inspiration. Unfortunately, my list of must-dos has just grown longer. Don’t you need a vacation? :)

suncerayeanderson says:

Love it! I made a regular disappearing 9 now this is alittle flavor with it! Keep them coming Jenny! Love it

lisapisa1980 says:

thats a really nice quilt. 

cuddlesbon says:

Jenny you have outdone yourself again, AS ALWAYS

love your easy going way of presenting such great concepts and showing how easy they can all be made.

thank you and your staff 

Gail Stafford says:

Love love love your tutorials…keep them coming…

Kat Kaly says:

WOW! I “FINNALLY FOUND A QUILT & I HAVE A VIDEO” to help a beginner. Thank You.
Also using your “Squares”.

michelle gagne says:

question: if i want to do a table topper do you need cotton backing if not how do i do my desing on the quilt if i dont have any backing

Dulce Salvi says:


bejbrown8 says:

Thank you!! I was looking for a new idea for a baby quilt. I am starting on this today!

Kristin1989sc says:

What kind of iron is that?

somersetsue says:

Cute and clever :0).

IAmJustOneMom says:

Brilliant!  Love your tuts.

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