The Waterboy (1998) – Full Movie

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taylor gang says:

Not mention Just go with it

taylor gang says:

14:56 who dat? who dere? haha!!!

Edgar Hernandez says:

your mom gets deported

leafyutube says:

Is this a true story?

iWorkFor InternetExplorer says:

I just finished watching this, to funny adam sandler is the best , needle dick

Zero Espada says:

What did he say D= ?

AndiNeverSlice says:

Also Punch Drunk Love and Bulletproof. I guess he was kind of retarded in Airheads tho….

jayd boom says:

the big show :D

Mikal Sanders says:

will you be my best friend?

Mikal Sanders says:

All Night Looooong!!!

dredre17149 says:

You can do it!!!!

Gavin Henderson says:

Bedtime Stories, Reign Over Me, Funny People, Happy Gilmore, Grown Ups, 50 First Dates, You Dont Mess With the Zohan, I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry, Click, The Longest Yard, Anger Management, Mr Deeds, Bulletproof and The Wedding Singer, were films in which he did not play someone who was retarded… problem ?

Glenn Quagmire says:

hope it goes good for you and if you can send me any game downloads for free thanks

evansanchez18 says:

So funny lol

Roddy Jorgenson says:


MrThebossman711 says:

Lol, swag before swag.

bob jonson says:

mombius1441 it is the devil whent down to gorgia

bob jonson says:

best movie

redeyejedi S says:

The worst comic ever, always playing some kinda retard, I suppose thats the appeal to his brain dead fans

SqaDxClaN s says:

I know nobody will read this but ive been dreaming about being famous on youtube and it hasant hapend so if you can just take 5 mins out of your day to drop a like and a sub thank for your time

dfire351 says:

Likely because mama Boucher kept mentiong the Devil.

Cameron Lake says:

one of my favorite movies 

wagih Demyan says:

it’s amazing

mobius1441 says:

Why does the music at the barn sound like “Devil went down to Georgia”?

Ryan Woodhams says:

Dam hour. M

Ryan Woodhams says:

Fuckin Internet sitin he for a a

AllButAJoke says:

The Kfc guy before Kfc

TheDefJamfan says:

Look at me I’m the waterboy durr!

oliwia lewicka says:

i love this movie . the waterboy is so sweet it makes me wanna cry !! :):):)

ravange94 says:

Whose the actor that plays the guy that sounds like he has 10 packs of cigarettes a day.

faisal ul-haq says:

Playin with ya mama tonight fuck yh

muhammad ali dadamatov says:

im so happy for bobby boucher  i learned that who ever you are you can still have friend because you are who you are baby

Bukakk E Madness says:

OOOOOOOOOO Shit. don’t forget to bring a towel when you get deported

Tox Rah says:

2 days after my bday this gets uploaded

Deana Mapp says:

Still one of my favorite movies!!!!

Dontae Smith says:

My momma said my momma said my momma said

Dominic West says:

were u with moma and coach clark again?


Brill film with H2o

RocheNova says:

15 years on and that bit at 30:55 still makes me fall off my bed laughing!

anthonyoates14 says:

All you crackers shut the fuck up I’m not the nigga side.

kookookachu26 says:

Now that is some high quality h20 :D

Iron Templar says:

foossball lol xD

Mary Jane says:

Nigger cunt

Mary Jane says:

Fuck all y’all

LostForever201 says:

Btw i am black stupid ass

LostForever201 says:

Whatever cock head i keep trying to leave it alone and shit sticks like you always have to talk to me so go fucking burn in hell and kill yourself you fucking faggot

Joshua Rivera says:

WARNiNG: this argument makes completely no sense. it’s between a troll and a racist dumb ass.

keishasmith898 says:

This one crazy ass movie

gatways says:

This movie is too classic xD

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