Zombieland [2009] (Full Movie)

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Zombieland [2009] … The horror comedy Zombieland focuses on two men who have found a way to survive a world overrun by zombies. Columbus is a big wuss — b…

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Emmett Dekoker Strack says:

1:13:30 what a badass

Jack Aussie says:


Emily Rose says:

They are still making them,,

Inf1niteShotZ says:

You just went full Retard. NEVER go Full Retard..

milehighty91 says:

They stopped making Twinkies

James Lee says:

Haha fatso

Hi1212003 says:

Im fat fucktard, I can choke you to death and then throw you at a wall till your blood is spilt all over the hard ass floor ;)

Braendel Bond says:

TVs series is out folks!!!! Look it up:)

Aaron Chalifoux says:


mariadaguilar2 says:

This is cool movies

Danimite54 says:

When I was younger, I couldn’t watch this because I was terrified of zombies. Now, I love this film.

Binary Berd says:

Please tell me you’re joking.

75NOVAZ says:

u probably a fat muthafucker 2

75NOVAZ says:

boy ill kick yo azz 2 stay in school boy.

75NOVAZ says:

fuck off dude

75NOVAZ says:

A twinky iz the most delicious snack ever,and how is uk over there.

James Lee says:

First ones to go are the fatties..lol..poor fat bastards

Jonny Gadd says:

Thanks so much, been looking for that on YouTube! Great to find it, thanks!

rikesh ghimire says:

u shut up or ill come to ur house and ill slap u

ryan smith says:

New rule don’t carry double barrels

Indee Watson says:

What is a twinky?

manuel hernandez hernandez says:

Que super esta el video la parte que cuando lo persigen los zombies al chavo y viene un juego y los mata en pedacitos Jejeje XD ;-) :-)? Hippies

SyndiKatefan says:

Loved this movie! Wished I didn’t spend 10 dollars on it

baba toure says:

why don’t they just go in the fucking tank I realy don’t get it

Indee Watson says:

Thank you so much!

Savannah Opsahl says:


codiablee says:

LOOOL never noticed that

codiablee says:

thx for the upload, amazing movie. “Yosemite sam” haha classic

James Clark says:

I remember when it first came out :)

nick espinosa says:

i called mango bar a twinkie

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