WWE SMACKDOWN 31/5/2013 FULL SHOW ~31st may 2013~ HQ

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DCBaergo says:

Del Rio with the German Suplex?!?! Wow!

FemaleObserver says:

Daniels Brian is the only wrestler who’s got the most unique maneouvers and tactics, he’s excellent. He’s a shorty but his brain is as large as the heavens!!! you’re the best Daniel!!!

bloodshed1791 says:

I think he means Kane.

bloodshed1791 says:

I don’t know where cm punk or santino marella are, but Rey Mysterio’s been off with a knee injury.

jaipal singh says:

why wwe is so fake and scripted :(

Rham A says:

who’s Cain ?

Gnik Llort says:


fezahmef says:

Cena best

Fahd ABoD says:


FemaleObserver says:

i never like Cain’s style of wrestling, big guy with big body but pea-sized brain, just merely stupid!!

maiphan64 says:

Ghiền nj wá

anxofarmesto says:

He kicked ass,he did what nobody else could…beat the crap out of the shield…I expected Kane to go crazy again when they lost the title,but not Bryan…maybe when the Phenom comes back there may just be hope for Team Hell No & Undertaker / Brothers of Destruction & Daniel Bryan (they should look for a new name, maybe the new Ministry of Darkness)

anxofarmesto says:


anxofarmesto says:

The days of Team Hell No will be over soon…I hope it means a return of the Brothers of Destruction.

Phamnhuhai61@gmail.com Hoppham11 says:

cena quá ngu…

Bhagaban dash says:

ryback vs brock lesner match

Guury Ss says:

its okkkk…. now are u going to upload raw and payback

WWEAllFullShow says:

Your word is true, my friend and

The Rock said this

WWEAllFullShow says:

Really the video quality is not good I’M sorry
I downloaded it from my mobile phone

ngetich kevin says:

cena is a bitch ashole he cant even save kingston

BeamDan1 says:

Ryback should vs Brock lesner that would an awesome match.

hassan shah says:

holly goat…………..lol

MrSlavikU says:

Ok i understand you asking for CM Punk and Rey Mysterio i do too but Santino???

Carlos Sarceno says:

Daniel Bryant is a fucking boss.

Pratik Sapkota says:

And john morrison too!

slim64bz says:

Raw upload

forces2matter says:

I just finished watching the ending of this video now I see why your comment is getting plenty of likes.

TheLegendSattam says:

Good :)
Please upload RAW :)
I sub :)

sergio900059999123z says:

feed me cena

ownedu888 says:

Who flagged this video? Silly cunts

T.J Johnson says:

daniel just went in lol.

tomhartley996 says:

Mandeep 1st off learn to spell you slack cunt 2nd shut the fuck up nobody cares what you have to say.

lenaiashepard says:

ILovee The Miz♥

Juan Infante says:

Wrong, the Miz is AWESOME.

Marcellus Darling says:

Where are the GMs?

Darrian Doucet says:

Show him your balls, show him your balls XD

jamesboadi30 says:

Funny Kane has become so crap lately….

Slade951 says:

Looks like hellno is over.

WiskeyCena says:

curtis axel, he should stfu and stop talking shit, john cena didnt get count out intentionaly, ryback came in and was defending himself, triple h just couldnt go on because of his health and wasnt feeling good :/ fking dumass -.-

WiskeyCena says:

27:01 how the fk did damien fall down by a little tin cup? :/

Sohebnzm says:

Lesnar must come for shield

Deepak Dosanjh says:


aNewTomatoInTheStore says:

Fail! After the kik he opened his eyes twice lol

joseph awm kee says:

daniel is still the weak one

Dan Randall says:

”You’re out here playing with your cups… and your tiny balls.”

”..that’s not funny.”

Hassan Srour says:

Danial Bryan is amazing trained by shawn michaels and he is beast

isy760 says:



thanks 4 the video make one 4 raw 4 today

ggm888 says:

I love AJ smile

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