Fast and Furious 6 Full Movie Subtitle Indonesia

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Jay Pipes says:

Very good film. Thanks for uploading.

Robert maruent says:

This is

halo41293 says:

*cough cough*

timmywind66 says:

why is the camera shacking that much

MrRandomFraps says:

This is 1080p 3D

estuariashiela says:

Great…. really love to watch this movie thnx

Pietje Puk says:

Good action movie. THANKS!!

Cody Jake says:

thanks alot but make sure next time it be HD for less dislikes

2601stargirl says:


Dani Mpah says:

tanks forr fudo rio to video

Nuckels Maranara says:

i guess this is what it would be like if there was only 30 police personel per city…

Arron Walters says:

Yh it was sad to see hun’s girlfriend go they were planning for a long time to do things together

ajhll79 says:

Good video but u forgot the real ending the shaw big bro

melissathomas540 says:

sa seraii bien si il y avai le film complet en francais

911gamerdude says:

Yay for runways that are so long they could go from New York to London

Arron Walters says:

Thanks mate for uploading the full movie even though the quality was okay can be better cheers mate

AleksandarCover says:

where i can see full movie with translate ?

naeoshapayton says:

I absolutely hate the fact Huns girl died that was the worst part……..herd they already have plans for fast 7 is it true?

Nuckels Maranara says:

It’s the urealistic Fast and Furious that truly defy physics as well as common sense. Escape reality and slip into ridiculousness for a bit. Love it. Thanks for uploading.
BTW- Leddy looks super hot in this movie! She could get it! ;)

Bboy Qy says:

yea is joe taslim action silat ..??!!!! hahaaahahaha good job brother, and tanks vidio :)

Waeabi3 says:

I like it

Inonk Ajjah says:

Biar pun dapet ngerekam dr bioskop tp makasih ya baik banget udah upload film bagus

håvard hope says:

fast 5 was better tokyo drift to

mexican71317 says:

thanks bro

Catalinn Kta says:

1:56:18 what’s the name of song?

håvard hope says:

i think the end is bad cose the plain drive for like 1000000 miles and then it stops by the end :D xD

Tyree Jefferson says:

Catch across the bridge…AWESOME!! nd y did giselle hav to die?

TeqqSupport says:

i hate how huns girl dies:(

eric rios says:

Where is the other part??

timigv2012 says:

1.06.08 RITA ORA the best girl in KOSOVO…… I LOVE YOU RITA

jwidiarta7654 says:

Joe taslim krennnn silatnya…sukses

jamil ragil says:

How the hell thit you film this movie with your non HD camera in the cinemas tell me how and i’ll do it like you dit it ?

deezybabey94 says:

You should’ve gotten the ending part , where they went back to Tokyo.

lamoy63 says:

I like it

rahmat hidayat says:


kommbat8 says:

Boot leg!!!!

Devin Hopson says:

Great job !

Esteban Morris says:

Hell yea dude. Good job! Tell next time…

98funnydude says:

How you know

TheDavidtheboss says:

the movie isnt in order

03flare15star1990 says:

loved it…….

ex007delta says:

If YouTube removes this, we should protest

ebaltierra55 says:

cant wait for fast 7

mpearson363 says:

Best film ever

Joevener Aspirin says:

Thanks bro you complete it,thanks that you up load it, hope more full movies that you up load,,, I love it!!!!!!!!!!

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