Photoshop Cs5 Tutorial: Watercolor Photo Manipulation

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In this photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to turn your photo into a water color splashed painting on a textured paper background.Thanks for watching and…


miiikaal says:

tell each and every step slowly and clearly thanx

Mohammed Shameer says:

another way

Starcz5 says:

He deleted his comment, wonder why

MurrayMoments says:

Who are you talking too? It would appear you were the one who got onwed lol

MurrayMoments says:

Thanks you very much, but i have problem, when i do final step, the gradient map appears over the yellow of the paper? how can i solve this?

Cartier1288 says:

This doesn’t work for me, I have rewatched this video like 10 times, and I can not find a mistake!

Cartier1288 says:


mohit rauniyar says:

This video was perfectly explained and I got a terrific result!
Thanks :)

Santon Alex says:

Thanks buddy….

Starcz5 says:

You got owned

Starcz5 says:

”You don’t put Capitals after comma’s”
” line, Smiley”

You just fucked your own rule

Starcz5 says:

And* Yeah, you start a sentence with a capital letter too.

MrMegaMoonlight says:

Pffft, you must be what? 14..15? To insult an Indian for not being able to speak English shows a level of immaturity which you only see in children of that age, you’re Danish, well done :)

Starcz5 says:

I’m from Denmark, can you speak Danish? It’s not an excuse

MrMegaMoonlight says:

He’s from India, can you speak Hindi?

killjadeskye says:

at 3:04 how do you do that? I can’t seem to do it even though I already did the define brush preset. help!

LaLa Summer says:

It’s great…

Hosam Mostafa says:

can u put a link to the website u got ur photos from !! not just the photo link

aqdas haider says:

change the colour to white
and it will work

giotrgios panthelis says:

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André Farolan says:

This is so cool dude.
I don’t have photoshop, all i have is gimp.
It’s hard to copy this kind of edit if you’re using other software while learning on how to do this on a photoshop tutorial video.
But i still found a way on gimp to edit this. :)
I liked this video and apparently the perspective. That’s why i copied this. :)
Thanks for the tutorial most specially to the idea. :D
And also to the paper. Haha

Justthisgood says:

Make sure you set the brush presets like i did, and that your clipping mask is correct

prem sen says:

May Headphone how the photos in the photo sand paper insert, please tell me how to do ..

Paul Kim says:

I watched 10 times the tutorial and i missed out one point. After clipping masking the top layer don’t forget to switch to white color. :)

Carolina Vieira says:

4:57 I can’t do it!! :(

Kma Emam says:

that was good thinx

Paulina0X0X says:

Thanks you really helped!!!

torhmac alexander says:

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arjanbg says:

what is the shortcut for creating a clip[ing mask?

Miyn Emmet says:

this . is . super . AWESOME ! and this is soooooo COOL ! thank you for the tutorial :)

amna als says:

u soo cool when u talk and when u work :D LOVE THAT COOLNESS

SteveBerckmans says:

Okey this shit is awesome.

Nishant Kumbhar says:

awesome man…………!!! very nycc….. :)

Gabriel kiir says:


Maha Swilam says:

Thank you so much :) … Very Good Tutorial :)

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