Fast and Furious 6 (Full Movie) Legendado 2013

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Since Dom (Diesel) and Brians (Walker) Rio heist toppled a kingpins empire and left their crew with $100 million, our heroes have scattered across the globe….

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Eaglesvision1 says:

shtty picture

Rebellerz says:

Fuck your mom kid,,

Ian Padilla says:

This shit is hansel and gretel not fast and furious 6 the fucking dumb ass

lildeez69 says:

Wtf this kid retarded

hillarynkem says:

dafuk is this

captinblueboy says:


David Robinson says:

wtf is this

ryan gough says:

If i had 1 penny for every pixel in this video id be in debt for the rest of my life.

nnina199 says:

It does not looke like fast and furious

MrExHaLzZ says:

FAST 7!!!!!

kris morris says:

awesome!! better than any fast n furious films i seen,english subtitles next time please!!

UltraLolx123 says:


android1995jr says:

wtf is this

Eddie Torres says:

You dum ass !!!!!!!

mukinfagic69 says:

Is this F+F6? I cant tell, try a different potato to film it

Hosny Mousa says:


Aj Josue says:

man wtf you faggot

Mohammed Alsabari says:


asim aslam says:

just fuck off

fahmi amrullah says:

bajingan kw gok

Dakota Beusse says:

Thats Hansel & Gretel at least change the name

Firahs Zumi says:

Tor maraaa Chudi…..khanki magir g.>_<

triskillion wagepal says:

pagal he

thegooner131 says:

Die you cunt

TheMrkeshon says:

Fucking lyer

den gommo says:

matane suweeekkkkk asuuuuuuuuuuuuu

sykrn1 says:

So good (^-^ゞ

sharifah zahaini says:

cn’t watch.. why..?

Tyler Durden says:

chk my channel for full movie

guruh dwi pamungkas says:

apaan ni

KdrewwWc says:

Fuck u la

BanglaBCZZ says:

This is completely FAKE. It is not Fast and Furious, and has NOTHING to do with fast and furious… (obvious)

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