Pokemon the Movie: Black – Victini and Reshiram! (Full Movie Dubbed)

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MasterPinkiePie says:

fue astupid celfhone

MasterPinkiePie says:

awesome  fue movie good

Jeanne-eve skawski says:

I whant to see Lucario and the mystery of Mew

Jeanne-eve skawski says:

Its a shiny golurk

Travis letchford says:

Got the movie

Jess Gilgemijn says:

this is my video i will watch before sleep (Im using tablet)

misohappyline says:


anthonettesilvederio says:

I want movie 16

nikmcgarity says:

Hydrdiegon. I’ve apparently been pronouncing it incorrectly.

nikmcgarity says:

Hmmm… in this version of the movie, gollurk is shiny, but in the other version, it’s hydredgion (I think that’s how its spelled) that’s shiny.

Rctive says:

So in this. He has zekrom. Dafuq.

Joanne Chung says:

Victini, reshiram, and zekrom are my most favorite legendary pokemon.

Joanne Chung says:

I liked victini and reshiram.

Joanne Chung says:

I liked victinI and reshiram.

Nick Hibbard says:

Thanks I love Pokémon so can you please upload the first one please

bob joe says:

first thing that came to me on 1:11:30

Buddy Smith says:

yep it is u see the shiny sparkle at 54:29

Buddy Smith says:

so sad at 44:34

Rodrigo Usares says:

Like it

Snivyluver says:

Wait, was that gollurk shiny?

LILREZY01 says:

Pokemon 3

evanthampton says:

Don’t give my bro pokemon

elchivoloco2011 says:

This made me cry i love this video make more plz!!!:,)

TheFondantDove says:

Can you do white plz?

GurahkWeavile says:

Glad ya chose to upload the one with Reshiram. Zekrom’s too damn badass to be with a retard like Ash!

MaximumPower2002 says:

Movie 1 2 and 3!

Buddy Smith says:

Hey can u please upload more of these like the new that come out recently

MasterStarla says:

It would be so awesome if you can upload the 8th movie (Lucario and the Mystery of Mew) because it was the best Pokemon movie in years.

Chris Rivera says:

Can you upload the first one ?

jessica baines says:

Hi thanks your uploding all of the movies thank wal

PokeWishHD says:


wanling14022 says:

Pls upload the newest movie 16. Looking forward to it!:)

Nicole Chen says:

thank you very much! everyone that has an account on youtube should subscribe to PokeWishHD!!! :D

jessica baines says:

Ye ye uploed them please

HeartEevee says:

Can you please upload Mewtwo Returns and Lucario and the mystery of mew please? (:

PokeWishHD says:

I know i will upload all the movies!

TheBlueWaterfall says:

Movie 4 and 5! I can’t find them anywhere. I have saw them, but I wanna see again to bring memories. :3

Timslanden says:

Mewtwo returns please

Videoboy2531 says:

Pokemon the 1st movie next!

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