Steven Seagal – Fire Down Below (full movie)

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Don’t Fuck With Seagal. Steven Seagal!!!

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kurtmorr says:

excellent movie, the only bad thing about it is watching it at 1 AM in my apartment and he’s such a low talker I have to turn up the volume to hear, then when explosions and gunfire erupt I have to hurry and turn it down so I don’t disturb the people above me.

Richard Ligotino says:

great film! :)

Jun Ng says:

What do you mean?

Zarfiswithyou says:

Chuck Noris. :-D

Erma Carter says:

enjoyed this moveie,Steven the man.

AussieGossie says:

I think Steven Seagal has gonorrhea… 

0bnoxiousOldFart says:

When was this movie made? This is freakin’ great! I saw the one where he was a cook. I have On Deadly Ground, and I’ve got Glimmer Man which I never watched thru yet. Kristofferson is a good actor. He makes the villain hate-able enough. : ]

dilligaff1979 says:

someone who has gr8 taste in movies

jason cruz says:

I love this movie one of my favorites. see if you can down loud on deadly ground


goes to show you can make a good eco film without talking down to people

deionsanders748 says:

Who the fuck uploads a Steven Seagal movie?

ayedidia3 says:

That was awesome

pontiacGXPfan says:

One of Seagal’s best movies ever. I used to watch this on HBO as a kid. Thanks for uploading it.

KEYSERSOZE1965 says:

Sad to know the only thing that got big after this movie was Seagal’s gut.

cpnfeathersword0409 says:

fuckin’ top notch flick. Love Seagal!

orthotox says:

Good story, good stars, good stompin’!

1963rongold says:

Awesome movie. Thanks for posting!

andrae kisna says:

nice movie

Patrick Treu says:

That pretty clear english, GET OUT!

Patrick Treu says:

One of the best Steven Seagal movies!

Bob Miller says:

How can you put Levon FUCKING Helm in your movie and not feature his music even once?

Werner Dona says:

dieser komentar von lorenz ist pure scheiße was er über Steven seagal schreibt er kann seagal nicht das wasser reichen

john parsons says:

The best yet….

wiktor kaczmarek says:

what music in 0:00:10 and 0:04:12???? please

tim hassan says:

one of the best movies of steven seagal….

Albert Pilon says:

This film was very enjoyable with Steven Seagal for the second time,thanks.

m33lad says:

what an amazing movie, great story, great actor, & great action. too bad all the new movies of Steven SUCKS!!! with low budget action movies!!

agustokis says:

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Paul St John says:

The reason he wore a long jacket throughout the movie is that the designer wanted to cover up his pot belly. He’s a pretty mediocre actor at best and his delivery runs the gamut of emotions from A to B.

Jesus Chrysler says:

opening song? anyone? :)

ngonzalesiii says:

The only thing I didn’t like was his attempt at a drawl, southern style. I know a Vietnamese real estate/ nail salon/ PHO’ restaurant owning motherfucker named Nguyen that has a better southern accent than Seagal. But Who’s complaining? I still loved the movie!

ngonzalesiii says:

Now I know I saw pieces of ass, feet, teeth, blood, nutsack, and teeth flying everywhere when Seagal was kickin’ everybody’s ass!!! Especially the scene with the sheriff and the deputy fuck ups at the town urgent care!!! And the scene at the casino with the security guys!!! HELL YEAH!!! ASS FEET FRITOS CHEETOS, NUTSACK AND FINGERS and TEETH FLYING EVERYWHERE!!! I really loved this movie!

ngonzalesiii says:

I think I just saw pieces of ass, feet, metal and glass all over the place, falling off that cliff!!! Just ass, and wreckage everywhere!!! That was a bad ass scene when that truck goes over the side of the pit!!!

CaptiveRiticuli says:

Well another flaky movie from Seagal, but at least it manages to be more watchable than most of his others. I have always preferred JCVD, but damn, Seagal is just formidable, i love how he uses his art to wrap opponents up and among themselves, it’s almost poetry to watch. 

OlfArts says:

I agree, shame really they were better quality in every way.
Wonder why Nasso didn’t continue?

George Ramos says:

Seagal. Is Martial Arts Master! Best movie with a good message Is ON DEADLY Ground. But this one fits in the same categorie.

DoBrigh says:

dont mess with seagal!!!!! other than uploading his entire copyrighted movie to youtube in clear violation of federal law. but whatever!!! dont mess with him!!

anon23bf says:

1:36:08 What’s Ed McMahon doing there?

A. Alicki says:

When Segal left Julius R. Nasso.? His Partner.?Who made his Movies in the past,? His Movies were fantastic.? Now They are not as good as they were back then? When he made ” Above the Law’, ‘Out for Justice.” Under Siege 1 & 2.” Marked for Death” Hard to Kill.” Etc. Etc.

aiki98 says:

this movie, perhaps uniquely for Seagal, has awesome music by real country stars.

f4ckingb5 says:

Fire down below…. someone needs to tell him to see an andrologist for this.

Scott Kilgour says:

He kicks ass

Robert Harrison says:

Unless you know what you want from a film i.e Story line, leading actors, producer and director, or what you expect from its stars who make the film believable or a complete flop, one has to be mindful of you, the viewer. Each of us have an idea of what we expect from our favourte star. Some stars can do no wrong not matter how terrible the acting or story line. I respect Frank Castle’s view on this movie. I sugest Steven is now past his best as a movie star but he has entertained us in past.

Gencturk92 says:

Executive Decision was the best steven seagal film

kurtis vollert says:

great fighter yes cares for women this is a movie ….you cant trust the movies in real life he beat his wife bro….get the facts look it up

Bhaskar Agnihotri says:

I wish he could reduce some weight and give us more entertaining movies like Under Seige,Executive Decision.

onlyway2christ1 says:

Steven is not just an AWESOME fighter,,, but he has such care and respect for children and real ladies Deep in his Heart…. Now that’s what I call a REAL MAN!!! Do you agree? gbu

charliesaidok says:

what a stupid way to take sarcasm man, good luck in life

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