CCR Green River How to Play on Guitar Tutorial John Fogerty Creedence Clearwater Revival

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theRex314 says:

Thank you so much, this shall impress my uncle who loves CCR!

LouGruff says:

How about not?

Rita Sotnikova says:

hello! can you do a tutorial for john legend – who did that for yor, please?

starcool961 says:

marty how about teaching us The Unforgiven II by Metallica

djkeown1 says:

Could you teach “damaged soul” off Black Sabbaths new album 13? Theres no other lessons up yet, id really appreciate it!!! Thanks

Dc3048 says:

Hey Marty can you do a tutorial on bleeding out by imagine dragons
Thanks and like so Marty can see

Robert4937 says:

Awesome. Much thanks Marty.

Josh Morris says:

hi you videos are so helpful! thanks


Dude, that Martin is sounding really good these days!

Shemsi Berisha says:

Are you still doing tutorials of popular pop songs?

Debilo83 says:

AMazing piece of music !

dinizthemxking says:

Please, do a lesson for The Midnight Special!

Chrishagen says:

Flat G string, but great lesson as always.

ashleycitron says:

Hey, so I know pretty much nothing about guitars but I really want to learn how to play an acoustic guitar. What type of guitar should I get that would be best for beginning and learning? Thanks!

cory franklin says:

Love the guitar!

Kyle Cole says:

Please do Caroline by old crow medicine show

RocketFitar says:

The Kaiser Chiefs — Ruby PLS!!!!!!!

dustinjm100 says:

do it anyways man, fuck the man, play your guitar if you want if you really want it youll ignore the pain trust me ive done the same thing

prestonzkehlerchris says:

Ur awsome at guitar I pretty much learnt from you man rock on

goldbug1974 says:

Great lesson Marty. Tomy, that’s way sad. I’ve had fears of something like that happening

ws8467986 says:


Tomy Guillaume says:

i cut my index with a knife and it cut some nerves…. the doctors don’t know if i could play guitar again! I just feel so sad… i wanna play!!! :’(

Shane Taugner says:

Awesome tutorial, man. Think you could do one for Wind Cries Mary?

Tom Moore says:

I want a Nicki Bluhm shirt!

Bas Van Baal says:

Can you do: Old man from Magna Karta next?

samsspaspo says:

Great Martin. You’re my hero. If you come in Italy just let me know. Thank you very much

Pzych Freekill says:

Can you do Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold?

ProGuitarPlayer15 says:

Can you teach us coco jambo, melodic part please. I wanna be able to play that song :D

aidensmith1206 says:

Please can you do treasure by bruno mars

Brian Lee says:

Just love it Marty – you’ve made an iconic piece of music available to us mere mortals! Thank you. PS Just love that Martin. What model and how many bucks?

tomfoolery611 says:

This survey seems legit… lol.

Dc3048 says:

can you do a how to play on bleeding out by imagine dragons
like so Marty can see this

Chris Sillitoe says:

Awesome … what the little walk down you play in the intro from the A to C around the 26 second mark? Love it!

98mita says:

Wow this actualy reminded me of GTA San Andreas :D

breakdeedingnip says:

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Young Stealth says:

The Wrong Direction by Passenger

codyriver5 says:

…Up at Marty’s camp I spent my days lord!….

codyriver5 says:

You’re the best Marty!

Jamari Eaden says:

Hey Marty you should do a school’s out tutorial. Just for everyone out of school

captainjohn51 says:

one word GREAT

ricnrolle says:

Thanks Marty I have been a CCR fan since the beginning and this is one of my favs. I appreciate the fact that you leave in your flubs. I find it makes me more comfortable with mine, which are many.

szafapterodaktyla says:

San Andreas :D

Urankar3 says:


SIOrlove1 says:

YES CCR!!! been wanting this lesson for a while. you rock Marty.

VoidAdept says:

How about sn acoustic version of a Nightwish song? :)

MrFefe80 says:

thanks marty, i learn a bit moore every day. greetings from argentina

Domenico Bellino says:

marty, please make a lesson for hold the line, toto…:)

nillllsrecordz says:

marty could u teach us some math rock?;)

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