Amen Malayalam Full Movie (2013)

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krsmhna says:

Goood movieeee I like it thanks ssssssssss

sabin joy says:

super movie

Abhishek p.s says:

the climax was aawsome

cinema heart says:

vali vali vali

arjun var says:


Nivedita Elizabeth George says:

awesome work…

kasaromosi says:

Classic Classic Classic

sdv05 says:

Thank u for posting… !

sunny mv says:

gud one fahad roxxxxxxxxxx

Rahul Suresh says:

good work lijo,indran & fahadh

Shama Farseena says:

@1:52:50 ആ ഡയലോഗ് വേണ്ടായിരുന്നു ഈ നല്ല സിനിമയിൽ ? Thumbs Up If u agree ?

Roy Kuriakose says:

every bit of the movie is good …specially camera work ..

vijay12341369 says:

movie has a good camara work..and nice movie but jayasuriya wiil better than fahad

doczak69 says:

watched up to 90
minutes in three days…..very dragging andboring

Pradeep Kumar says:

nice moovei

suhaibali malayil says:

fahadhka I love u

Ajith V Variar says:

good one….. a variety one…..

krishna kumar says:

nandanam poleyunde

Tom Jose says:

amazing movie :)…..
gud cam work….

sarath unnithan says:

good movie

southkerala says:

Stamp of class all over the film! Well done Fareed Khan! Kudos to Lijo Jose – proud to say that I too am from Chalakudy!

Riya Mary Thankachan says:

sperb climax excellent wrk………music is awsme lvd the film

sa9939949 says:

very bad…

BeeJay Luke says:

what? this isnt Never Say Never :(

ismail sammil says:

fantastic,the music and the direction is simply outstanding.bravo

mufseer123 says:

Spr movie and nice camera work

Benoy Antony Antony says:

nice movie 

yasi ck says:


jimshad kk says:


Jincy Varghese says:

i like very much.. thanks to amen crew

Sanjay BJ says:

what a mindblowing climax….excellent movie, indrajith has better role than fahadh

rehy rehya says:

awesome competition at the end…..congratulations the super crew of amen

samadnaaj says:

Super movie….

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