Equestria Girls: Full Movie (HD)

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FlowCylo says:

A month ago I couldn’t even think of this movie being good. But I truly enjoyed it and would definetely watch it again.

Ross Huffman says:


Charlie Schwab says:

I know dont worry if this person gets charged 250,000 dollars for copy right it will be worth it

Alisha Otter says:

That must have been a huge theater. I was sitting in the top row in mine and the screen was still gigantic.

fathighshcooler says:

Wow worth the wait

masontoys2001 says:

I like the theme remix

LavaTeam Justice says:

Why would it be 3D

Tirza O says:

00:55:17 Rarity can’t dance!!!

ILuvmlp12 says:

Was it in 3-D in the cinema?

MegaBeybladeMania says:

0:14 ‘AWW YEAA’ ?!

ExpressGamingMania says:

Oh My GOD all I could hear was screaming bronys XD

Warm paw says:

I heart my lil ponies

Acornishi says:

Oh, you dont know how LONG I’ve been DYING to see this. So awesome!

kiwihuntersd says:

Watch this vid while you can!!! I hope the hub does not take it down !!!,anyway I have looked thewhole youtube,THANK YOU

Frankie Dupre says:

why did I watch this I have tickets to go see it now its going to be boring thank u so much

sugarkitty2008 says:

i stopped looking because i thought there was no hope left of someone recording it. thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou ^_^. i just can’t believe i’m 2 days late T_T anyway onto the watching XD

Hyperrainbow alex says:

Thank you oh so much for putting this up, I’m glad to watch this!! ^^

Callie Choquette says:

On second thought, I’m not sure I wanna know.

Jhesy Paiva says:

00:55:13-00:55:17 scootaloo haciendo chicken dance

Callie Choquette says:

Uhhhhhhhhh. Pinkie Pie? Wwhere do you get your ‘hunchs.’

Tiffany Wamsley says:

Oh my gosh thank youuuu its not near me and i was sad but when i saw this i was sooo happy so thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you!!! :D

YoloTrain says:

Thanks man, now us ‘International Brony’s or Pegasisters’ can watch :D

Jhesy Paiva says:

she sleeps is library

FionnaXFinn says:


herogirl3 says:

Where is derpy ?

ruth dawit says:

AWESOME, me and my friend were post to see it at the movies but i couldn’t wait :)

MrDoubleTGAngster says:

I always hated Snips and Snails…Spike is more appealing as a dog.

Minka Mark says:


terrariarocks28 says:

1st song: Sneeze
2nd song: Flu
3rd song: Headache
But it was worth it :)

bronycoolgirl says:

how didu get it

SteelWolfFC says:

If I think about it spike saved the day. If he hadent have triped sunshine shimmer she would have gone through the portal with the crown because it wouldn’t have flown through at fluttershy, put it on, endlaved the high school then attacked equestria( spike is the hero)

Terryjo Jagger says:

Best movie everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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