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lambyiii says:

i fucking love kathy bates in this movie.

jhonny1392 says:

I just watched 13 min. and I’m wondering how can be people that likes this kind of bullshit movies full of stupidity ?, and even more: how can be other people that makes this kind of movies ? ! !.

Dylanmeush says:

..but Franklin didn’t invent electricity…or even discover it..

Dylanmeush says:

never new Paul Wight was in this film…if it was made nowadays it’d be a freaking WWE film just for that cameo

Darren Harrison says:

epspecially when the mum takes out the dad.

Darren Harrison says:

love this film its so funny

Darren Harrison says:

make that ten waterboy is an amazing film

Kelsey Galloway says:

“Guess? That ain’t no guess… that’s what it’s gonna be!” Her face is priceless.

SunMoonEarthAndCandy says:

is this some type of forrest gump parody?

subjectdelta4576 says:

the 9 ppl who disliked this movie are the devil!

AleqsH says:

9 people are the devil!

Reinaldo Rentas says:

mama say she the devil lol

IronCladOgden says:

Cut his ass

danalandrum says:


James Boscarelli says:


Jimmy Sheridan says:

Everyone is the devil to his mother


this movie is Zane can own approved

Alexandria Jimenez says:


Eliminite says:

I’m bout to wild the fuck out, I’m goin Bobby Boucher

Henri Roots says:

mo momma said that whoever hates the movie IS THE DEVIL

gracelandtm says:

This movie should have won best picture at the Oscars. Yea i said it.


For the one’s who dislike this movie theres somthing wrong with there MANDUBLA OBLONGATA’S!!!

Rosy Doronzo says:

oh yeah… mine too…. LOL!

Freelancer591 says:

“Son… You just opened a whole CASE of whup-ass!” Favorite line

gamer id says:

you can do it cut his fucking head off

mohamed ali says:

mama: school your going to school owwwwwwwwww

mohamed ali says:

water sucks it sucks it really really sucks

Benicia30 says:

hilarious 1:23:00

Nathan Salmonsen says:

momma said, momma said, momma said, momma said

bla zever says:

man fairuza balk has the coolest eyes ive ever seen

Bruce Branstad says:

yeah lol

marvel6592 says:

look at Big Show

marvel6592 says:

good ol Henry Winkler

SeptimoHokage says:

0:37:49 mama te amo xD hahahahaha

GTAJuanR says:

It’s a MOVIE.

IamLucindaMila says:

Stuuu st sttstt stupid lmbo!

ari preston says:

HAHAHAHA!! the noise that he makes every time he tackles someone is priceless!!!

Blazedsin Robbins says:

Foosball is the devil!


wake her ass up we gotta win tomorrow

itsjnixx says:

you can do it

Gauge Bowles says:

You’re a week late on that reply. As am I to yours. In the week that passed between your two comments, couldn’t someone else have disliked the video?

s2pid26 says:

bullshit.. impossible movie

Joe Doe says:

6 people that dislike the video got tackled by the Waterboy

kaycee copeland says:

hey shut up about us 10 year old girls crying fatass

tyon404 says:

good movie i watched the whole thing

Sam Blackhurst says:

i cry evrytim :’(

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