My Little Pony Equestria Girls Full Movie (HD)

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Click Show More- Reuploaded Reason Being:An other one was removed by that evil Hasbro. (6/28/2013) What?! 499 views?! I thought nobody will watch this. You …

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oomandude says:

favorite song from 42:00 to 45:36

mastafail2 says:

Really good

psychokinrazalon says:

Never mind what I previously said.

9:48 Best scream ever from T.S.

Jessika Sandoval says:

wow *_* That……was………….AWESOME!!!!!

Phenenas says:


Amy Peter says:

did u go to the movies and not get caught

oomandude says:

2: People need to stop being mean to others and putting others down, Im not going to say who, you just need to look through the comments to see who im talking about.
3: This is my 5th time watching it, and I plan to watch it many more times, so please dont do anything stupid people, let the video stay here and if dont like it, dont piss off other people by reporting it, just so it gets taken down.

oomandude says:

A few things to point out,
1: for all the derpy hooves fans out there, after watching this 5 times I have been able to find here 2 times (she changes her hair color each time) the first is at 20:45, she is behind twilight eating a burger, the second is at 43:24, shes in the bottom right corner holding a muffin. There is a third time you see her, and only her, but thats in the credits, which were cut off in this video, so if you want to see her just look up the movie credits.

GlamGal5683 says:

Like if you think spike was cuter as a dog

Samuel Hernandez says:

Still a better love story than Twilight.

Samuel Hernandez says:

Lol I know right

xXAliceOfTheRoseXx says:

This was actually decent!

HidanKitten32 says:


MLPFIMfan1 says:

Guess who reported you :D

fasteddie49mo says:

Forever alone. :P

HidanKitten32 says:

Guess how many other videos of this are posted XD

HidanKitten32 says:

I’m a girl, so am I a freak for liking gory and horror?

HidanKitten32 says:

Me too :3 I’ve already watched it more times than I can count

Skyllar D says:

@Dockaboo811 that is sooo true I thought this movie was going to be stupid but its awesome!

Kerry Cant says:

Honesty,kindness,laughter,geninsty,loyally magic

Karar Falah says:

Omg the best video ever i hope they make equestria girls 2

Zumoshijiku Chimoshishikuari says:

love it :3

Lonegirl1990 says:


GlamGal5683 says:


deadlymortalkombat says:

High school musical. Nuff said xD

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