WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW July 1 2013 John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio Full Show Results! WWE RAW 7/1/13

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WWE RAW July 1 2013 WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW 7/1/13 WWE RAW July 1st 2013 (FULL RESULTS) — **Read comments for Full Show!* WWE RAW 7/1/13 WWE RAW 1/7/13 RESULTS…


RevampedWrestlingHD says:

yeah I think somehow think they’re saving that match (Punk vs Lesnar) for SummerSlam.

TheFinalTapout says:

i was disappointed that brock is avoiding the feud 

gobungou says:

Alberrrrrttoooooooooooooiooo dellllllll rioooooi

Roy Rodríguez says:

Quien ganó la pelea?

Kennokevin says:

Good stuff, I want Henry to win at MITB!

terrick470 says:

Nice review

Adam Francisco says:

I saw the part Where AJ lee made fun of Katie It was kinda messed up

wwe pulling that same garbage they did on Mickie James,
wwe has a thing of making fun of fat people Smfh

sazwan faraas says:

Albertooooooooooooo delllllllll riooooo

Andre Corbeil says:

Premier & Guru Are My All Time Favorite

RevampedWrestlingHD says:

That was a DJ Premier & GangStarr beat in the end yo!

Andre Corbeil says:

why did the theme song to this vid make me wanna go n get a 40% ouncer and pop open the bottle lol good vid revamped & FN GREAT BEATS ! Makes Me Miss GangStarr

RevampedWrestlingHD says:

This is strictly a RESULTS video, If you want to see the full RAW show. Then hit Like on the video, send me a message about it and I will share a link with you for the show, Stay tuned here for all the news and results on all Wrestling. =)

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