Pokémon: Zoroark Master of Illusions [Full Movie HD]

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The Fury of Zoroark Has Been Unleashed! The Pokémon Baccer World Cup. It is the most anticipated event of the year, and as hundreds flock to Crown City to wa…

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MasterMiner5678 says:

First movie for unova but yet still in sinnoh

Ajani Gleaves says:

zorak creepy

SmoshKat says:

I started crying where zorark was dead-like

VexusRules says:

im marking my place

XxKatielovely1Xx says:


Happyface1199 says:


Happyface1199 says:

4:11 a vigoroth would kick an infer apes ass especially a group

AlucardTepesVlad says:

They’re surprised tha Zorua can talk but act like it’s a normal day around Team Rocket’s Meowth…

sirrparker47 says:

They turned pokemon gay, but this is pretty good

Brian Adams says:

and throughout all their encounters with legendary pokemon, not a single pokeball was thrown. what happened to gotta catch em all?

Collin Meeks says:


CovieHUNTER0 says:

Imagine all the pranks possible by Zoroark

aamondragon00 says:

This is one of my most favorite Pokémon movies ever

9898awesomedude says:

Goddammit why couldn’t they have used a fucking max revive

sweetiecrisp says:

how do you get (yellow zappything) on a bus? pokeim on!!!!!!

DakotasWTF says:

Movie= Bad.ass

libanutube says:

dat thumbnail is creepy

kris pop says:

This probably has been my second saddest Pokemon movie

Mohogany Ceaser says:

IT WAS SO WRONG OF HIM TOO ALMOST STRANGLE Celebi TO DEATH I wanted to go in that movie and punch HIM in the FACE!!!!!

Greene Hills Southe Side says:

So heartwarming… :’)

RainbowNinjaUnicorn6 says:

I love Zorua

brown2912 says:

I am ashamed to be watching this…. But I’m enjoying every moment….

ProfessorFreeza66 says:

Man I love this movie~❤

Heather Gill says:

It is so sad;( ish but I still like it

Spadez Ace says:

4th gen meet the 5th gen :)

BrightlanceLuxray says:

such a wonderful movie made me cry but in a good way :D

paulryan220 says:

..Are you serious?

paulryan220 says:

No, Pokemon games lead up to where it’s obvious theres just one of each, they just decided to make them shiny here.

Daniel N. says:

Leave Celebi alone :S

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