White House Down Full Movie

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arjun shah says:

Awesome, thanks

ajahnae dashiell says:

this movie is funny

poderozerrima69 says:

upload hd next time

QueenPeach77 says:

Thx sweetie! That was a great movie… ;-)

acelegofreak says:

Well that saves me money…

SithofSiths92 says:

With posting this?

SithofSiths92 says:

How did you guys get away

Ahmad Nasiruddin says:

Thx.. :)

gladism2160 says:

Omg thank you so much !!!!

dasheight says:

Uh, yeah. It’s an American movie.

dasheight says:

Uh, no it’s not. You obviously haven’t seen the movie. It’s about withdrawing U.S. troops from the middle east and ENDING it.

JAMESHOTS007 says:

Would of been a better movie without Tatum and Foxx…..

OneDayRemains89 says:

More Whitehouse proaganda, about the war on “terror”

frazer Clark says:

shamelessly american

Christopher McGaha says:

Thanks for the epic movie

latale9898 says:

If u always complained about this moviequality,how about upload your self,it free movie,stupid nigga

jeremiah faulkner says:

Thanks for the upload.

子靖 徐 says:

A little bit hard for me to understand the language.

ninokostra888 says:

Thanks for this great movie!!

Nelson E. Perez says:

good movie

Paul Antoine says:

Really yall better not be talking about quality instead of searching the movie ON YOUTUBE why wont you make some many and go to the movies how bout that sound smart right sooo shut the fuck up enjoy cuz theres nothing to be complaining about it was a good movie everything was perfect END OF STORY

VigorousTeleVision says:

Hey guys also watch this. Justin Bieber new release

Thea Mycock says:

A good movie

playlizzzzt says:

At the end, what is the tving turt ære fonna do ?

sepperz says:

Nice film! Thanks for uploading buddy!

MrVision321 says:

the people who are going to say this has shit quality must have hollograms in their home because this is some good dvd quality

briana skyy says:

This movies pretty cool, thanks for putting it on YouTube c:

troyalebaby says:


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