World War Z [2013] Full Movie

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Mais Siyam says:

Put the purge and White House down!

mandasity says:

for once it’s not the uploader’s fault

Kristianne Bautista says:

Upload more great movies!!!

thraxman says:

Thought the movie sucked, but thanks for posting,… 

james grubs says:

ah 240p we meet again

Muhammad Muaz says:

WOW! So fast!

Shisir Koirala says:

thanks for the upload i been searching this in youtube for a week

SK8TERxBOY46 says:

thnx for the movie

platumika says:

Nice rhxs dor the upload

jasonwins7 says:

upload a 720+ vid or shut up :D

aTz atilano says:

Great Movie! 

Mais Siyam says:

Thanks for uploading

ben weitekamp says:

Dick* but yeah. Terrible

ben weitekamp says:

Thanks but the quality was horrible. Could hardly see most scenes sound is just as bad 1/5 not trying to be a duck

ndgh209 says:

Hey people check out the movies in my playlist.

and drop a sub :)

smokesomeweed83 says:

Bad ass !!!

vextrem says:

Anyone played The Last of Us before watching? Made me regret spending 10 bucks on to watch this movie

bob kentos says:

a good movie but by far no world war z….ppl who read the books whould understand

Tye Jeske says:

this is going to get deleted tomorrow but I hope it doesn’t but youtube is gonna probably deleted it.

Ramon Cayangyan says:

is this the full movie??

Barneycraft says:


Barneycraft says:

Even though I watch tis legally,awesome

jasonwins7 says:

thank you uploader…if its worth the watch ill go buy it….but how movies go these days they arent worth the piss to put them out if they were on fire

Ryan C says:

I would rather see any movie at the theater but last time I went it was fifty bux for two people….when my movie “Irish without a job” comes out I’ll probably pay to go see it.

misterbigshot2 says:

u sure about this. of course nit lets go

Lee Payne says:

Great Film, Now I think we’ll go & watch it now it should be watched. At the Cinema. Lee, Thanks

Ryan C says:

I don’t want to watch it because I’m James Deans cousin and Brad is a big fan, I feel like I’m doing something he wouldn’t do if our lives were switched. I don’t know him personally so I have to make a judgment call even though I’ve racked up another “view” already. I guess I’ll just have to side with the rich on this one and hope for the best as far as respect goes.

retro93292 says:

Who is he ?


Monsters university pls!

MrTresdfx says:

This copy is good and you dont even see the diff when you are watching it…good job!

angeladgriffith68 says:

Brad and zombies, doesn’t get much better!!!

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