Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa Trailer 2013 Johnny Knoxville Movie – Official [HD]

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Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa Trailer 2013 – Official movie trailer in HD 1080p – starring Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O, Preston Lacy – directed by…


Miguel Aguirre says:

Jajajaja que buena, justo ara desestresarse! xD

Sade Stephens says:

Super funnie

Alex Hunton says:

lools fucking hilarious 

johnblasco says:


MiStA Bro says:


Smokey BEAR says:

Tht kid is so BOSS!!

Danel Leppenen says:

you need glasses or something?

Rein Moonen says:

Lol nice

xXDJD3ADXx says:

Y U S T A M A I Z I N G ! ! !

aEditorsGlory says:

omg when is this comming

kkqd says:

give that kid an oscar

SubzeroSCraft says:

“I am 86 years old” hahahahah

Liz Fisher says:

Hahaha dont hurt me dont hurt me! hurt you im 86 years old!!

Kingdiamond27 says:

the pageant contest PURE GOLD!!

honey maker says:

This ain’t staged u peace of shit

keenan wall says:

dude every one watches jackass idk what the hell your talkin about

Lisbeth López says:

hahahahahahahaha poor boy!

maheshanton says:

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Helga Wanderlandt says:

I like this little boy!!! =)))
Ahahahahha… TLC sucks =)))

FC360D says:

MTV can still afford these kinda things wow, does anyone even watch MTV anymore lol. Why would paramount spend money on this when they have better films to budget for?

caessarion says:

don’t be a dumb jackass

Dennis Paul says:

don’t hurt me xD

Garrett Young says:

Without Ryan Dunn they couldn’t make any jackass movies

tasmin begin says:

October 27th I can’t wait for this oh my God but rip Ryan Dunn that’s why there is not a jackass 4 but we got bad grampa hell yeah

tomazev says:

Dont hurt me, dont hurt me, im 86 years old, dont hurt me… WTF

simon jenkins says:


Ivan Novikov says:

This is Good idea!!!!

aldreirodriguez says:

Ok guys i know what im gonna watch in october

msjtoyou2 says:

The song is called Cherry Pie sung by Warrent.

yokris0 says:

Too bad it’s all staged

Rahman Rambo says:

Funny Dude !

Daredinn says:

heh dude it`s jackass they do all real !

TheNike1422 says:

imdank24 their gonna keep making movies but there gonna stop making jackasses movies wich really sucks :(

Олег Бойко says:

What is the song on the 1:56 ?

TheNike1422 says:

Based Love they can’t make another movie without Ryan Dunn u Dumbass

imdank24 says:

Wow this looks hilarious. I was hoping they wouldn’t stop making movies!

TheNike1422 says:

I’m sooo gonna see this xD

Jerrold Mesteth says:

Cant wait to see it

That1GuyLouie says:

He rubs his dick in broken glass

Gajo Romario says:


Lawrence Bonner says:

that is the funniest I have ever seen. the Kentucky fried movie has been Bourne again. this is a classic usa comedy. absolute classic comedy entertainment. I want to meet these people. I want to work with these people. it goes to show they are developing this style of comedy to perfection. I am a fan. jackass is frighteningly funny.

Jake Corona says:

Its so wrong its right.

renz abeledo says:

The contest reminds me of Little Miss Sunshine LOL

icycolds says:


KletoReese says:

I’m laughing so hard!! Can’t stop!! XD

TheChallenger333 says:

This is what I call brelient

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