Donnie Yen SPECIAL ID aka SPECIAL IDENTITY Official first Trailer 2013

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The first trailer for SPECIAL ID is finally online! ・Special ID Behind the scenes tribute ! ! ・HD粵語SPECIAL ID Can…

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ethan Cedrich says:

whats gonna happen when donnie meets tony? 

chris mabon says:

Sleeping dog?

doadex says:

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danielle james Larusso says:

bruce is dead but hes my favorite M.A fighter and yen also

pmf026 says:

looks badass

Siswanto Surodipo says:

Many martial art actors better than tony jaa actually…

Shadowgiest211 says:

Again, thats not to diss tony, because he is one talented, athletic son of a bitch and can even do things dare i say donnie can’t even do. but he needs the writing to back it up! i heard they are doing an spl 2 with wu jing and sammo and donnie is thinking about coming in… with tony jaa! so yeah both guys are great and its not a knock on either guy.

DooKIdealist says:

Could you provide a source?

DooKIdealist says:

Totally agree.

Shadowgiest211 says:

two favorite martial arts talents are yen and tony jaa. here’s the difference, tony jaa is amazing but the problem with his films are the people who write them…. they suck. donnie yen is a great martial artist and his films are well written story wise. tony jaa needs to find new management.

harkying99 says:

Donnie says he’s done at 55.Then it’s strickly behind the camera.

kjkjkj939 says:

Yeah…Stallone is like alomst 70 now and he’s still making new films like the expendibles ..with actions in i hope donnie yen could do the same.

smallmantis says:

Only one exception, Bruce :)

DooKIdealist says:

I’d say Donnie has another good 10 years before he really slows down, thanks to his daily condition and body training. I wish Jet and Jackie could of done the same instead of staying too busy outside their work. But it is what it is.

gotahc says:

don’t understand what they are saying – but I love DY, and this looks amazing :D

kjkjkj939 says:

True…anyway..i hope donnie keeps up..he’s getting older now…like jackie chan and jet li..he’s not gonna make more films like this anymore…

Soru1984 says:

well, saying that they risk their life only counts for jackie chan only…donnie yen did some great stunts too, but they made big preparations, so if something would go wrong that they wont hurt themselves that much…and i mean in hollywood they dont let their actor run some stairs down or such little things, its not about risking their life.tom cruise could do his own stunts in the recent mission impossible too, which really was life risking, so other actor should be able to walk on their own.

yenkicksass says:

Looks awsome,can’t wait

Aeschylus0628 says:

among asian actors of today, esp. action stars, byung hun lee is getting the best, respectable treatment in hollywood. until hollywood starts to treat other asian actors as it does byung, then either the asian cinema people start to do some serious distribution and marketing inroads in north america or stick in asia meantime. choi min sik may have a point, but you can’t play to a hollywood conscience that is sorely missing. lol.

Hiep DT says:


kjkjkj939 says:

Em…good point..the thing is that in usa they are trying to film a shot and try to keep the actor as safe as possible but actors like donnie yen and jackie chan never use body double…they risk their life to try to make the best action scene..look at the HollyWood martial arts…they cant even jump half meter high..and their punch is slow as hell…and their biggest adventage is CGI..soo fake and crap! only some movies are good,

Soru1984 says:

there isnt any single person in usa who could do the same moves like donnie yen, jackie chan, jet li and any other hk martial arts star. if american try to do martial arts it just looks damn crappy, look matrix how reeves tried to do martial arts, or the man with the iron fist, the biggest joke ever…no one will ever be able to make better martial arts movies than asians…

Soru1984 says:

with doing crappy movies with him? he does the best movies in hk, which hollywood will never be able to do as half good as his worst movies in hk…

John Ng says:

donnie yen taught me to always fight in jeans and fitting leather jacket. I’ve never lost a fight since.

ongesinaiya says:

Let Asian action movies be Asian action movies and let Hollywood action movies be bitches action movies

kjkjkj939 says:

yeah…you got the point aswell…he can kck everyone’s ass in blade 2 but he was a sissy pants in hollywood films..look at him in Fist of legend return of chenzhen..he was better than the kato in the nwe green hornet film! He was a epic kung fu master in Ip man…Hollywood is all about CGI now…if you like old HK films..i suggest you go watch Chow Yun Fat’s a better tomorrow and Hard Boiled…the best action films ever made!

Soru1984 says:

Hollywood has only more Money and thats it…they will Never keep up with hk Movies and they never did…thats why Hollywood keeps copying and stealing from hk Movies, Good example is departed

OldSchoolGenius says:

totally agree, Donnie Yen went to hollywood and what did he get? Supporting rolls in 2 movies where he gets about 30 seconds screen time. Even more disappointing was in Blade 2, he didn’t even gets to fight, his dead was unceremoniously off screen, I mean you have DONNIE YEN, and you don’t let him at least fight for his death, WTF??? such wasted of talent. I was so happy that he went back to Asia and become such a successful star. kindda remind me of Bruce Lee, too. Stupid Hollywood.

Scottii Le says:

Awwww sweet this is like Sleeping Dogs The Movie

izl8 says:

Can’t wait to buy watch this movie! Another masterpiece from Donnie Yen!

marie sims says:

god i love me some Donny Yen ,<3

Hassan Bazzi says:

HK films are better then Hollywood!

mirahsan2 says:

Asian movies, I mean east Asian. Take the time to actually “SHOW YOU THE FIGHT”! No fast camera panning. I love that!!!!

darkveroth says:


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