“Black Ops 2 Origins” Golden Shovel Tutorial! (How To Get Better Stuff)

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chris mcphee says:

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ali alsalman says:

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Yo Mama says:

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BBallSWAGGER2306 says:

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Sam Cooke says:

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MadKiller5465 says:

Hey, I done it before by accident and then I got some logo next to it (on the right) I don’t know if it’s to do with the Easter Egg or something? I did make all the staffs though. Please reply, what is it?

jonathan padua says:


Nicholas Muscat says:

Got it easy

Joe Everett says:

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ricky gat says:

1:12 for tha sheep

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Da Gamer says:

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Keez948 says:

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ThePeskyOnion says:

Whats the icon above the round?

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