Teen Beach Movie (ORIGINAL DISNEY Film) [] Full Movie 2013 []

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Teen Beach Movie Full Movie 2013 Teen Beach Movie Full Movie 2013.

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i like teen beach movie

Simba, Mojo says:

me to!

marisol aguirre says:

I love brady

daiza bryant says:

fallen for ya fallen for ya

dayanaraslps says:

I love tanner

hellooimhott says:

Ross is so prittyy ♡ and i kove the songs in this film :)

austin moon says:

Ross im a big fan

Thangavel suresh says:


capucinevidal555 says:

good movie

clubpenguin2278 says:

The graphics were a little, well you know. It’s OK though.

CherrieCupcakex says:

Layla looks just like Marina from Marina & the Diamonds! & Tanner looks like a Ken doll. Love ‘em :D

Marlena Castillo says:

I love him

carniejuggalette says:

either she worked on it or they used auto tune!!

carniejuggalette says:

coool thanx gal!! or boy!!

Alison Davalos says:

I love it

Mohammad Elaayan says:


Paris Couture says:

How is she sounding American and in real life has a strong Australian accent

Omar Siddiqui says:

I love this film

Jisutan Ligu says:

Terrible Disney Movie should be the name

Vladimir Bruno says:

good movie

victoria burnett says:

Ok the sound is horrible make the picturea look real and why is yheir no sing this suck someone could make a better copy of this I like this is my fav movie but that person could make it better

Kimberly Karas says:

Love teen beach move

brandonchampion01bc says:

That’s ross lynch

brandonchampion01bc says:


Ryan Paul says:

what that mario dude said it is ture

gtepan08 says:

You skiped part

Megan Sola says:

DOn’t you want us to listen to musis huh??

Megan Sola says:

Yay thx :D love this movie

Erika Balazova says:

Threre is no song

Samantha Livilin says:

Can’t stop singing is not there!!! It’s my favorite song! >:(

mdayub990 says:

Stop being a fool and a racist asshole marionete

Kathmar Fcruz says:

why are na music is gone ????

lepreachuan69 says:

There are no dance since at all. Someone help make a better movie.

julieamkerr says:

Why have u taken the songs out

lepreachuan69 says:

I wish someone make a better copy please. The sound and picture sucks.

TitanWar93 says:

I like this movie. When they’re in the movie “Wet Side Story” it’s of course like WEST Side Story, with a hint of Grease and cliche 60s acting.

clumzzgrl says:

This is so cheesy it’s funny :)

Lexi Perry says:

I hate Brack I love auslly more

Raquan Dennis says:

Im real

Raquan Dennis says:

This is an nice movie

Jazzy Deltoro says:

Surfs up!

Raquan Dennis says:

My phone

katie56850 says:

Fuck you who hate this pardon my languege but still I love this movie

jpamm97 says:

This is just like high school musical disney your getting old with the same stuff make something new

ThatOneAnimeBoy says:

Meh,The Cheetah Girls are still better.

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