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“ORIGINS” Zombies – ICE, FIRE, WIND & LIGHTNING ULTIMATE STAFFS! •Smash that LIKE button for ORIGINS! •Subscribe for more: http://bit.ly/VNLqYy WIND – 0:28 I…

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SonicSamblazin3 says:

You are the best! thank you so much, very useful info!

Thomas VanHorn says:

this was really helpful..thx bro…keep makeing vids

jtappia says:

I loved the ending, it was great..I love the map layout, I’m just disappointed that the wonder weapons are buildable, and I expected more “gameplay” out of the giant robots, not just collecting parts in their foot.
I’m sorry for mocking you dude!.. You have nothing wrong! All people are afraid of how they look (they won’t judge you, and if they do, take it as a joke), Everyone is brought up to be polite, so don’t be afraid to talk to strangers, what’s the worst that could happen?..Ignore you?

Nathan Symes says:

Is this possible say 2 people? Been going for it solo got all 4 staffs and died charging them.

SpicyTamato says:

Need two people that know how to build and upgrade the staffs msg BlueBloodshed44 btw I’m gettin the ice staff I’m gonna be on at 3pm Est

yiğit ahmet says:

We need 1 people for easter egg.Add:BoR Khalejra

kid MGL says:

If your trying to do this add me gt sghurleekhan

repin21 says:

Easter egg Xbox need 2 people fulR

Hostile Goose says:

Gt Ducky78 hit me up

fireballgaming1001 says:

The tunnels remind me of skyrim when you have a staff

martin5507 says:

Easter egg Xbox Gt: iSwagOnDeckk need 2 people

Kian376 says:

cheers man this really helped


Need people for the EE XBL: YouCradBro

kanyon842 says:

Nice job

EYSHot says:

wheres the tutorial?

Everthingpro says:

Best tutorial and explaining earned my sub and a like

Connor Hofmeyr says:

Awesome bro

FluffySaun says:

I DID SIR, no but really, look through everything, they didn’t promise anything. :P people just THINK they did. The game play is good, if not a bit hard, the ending is good as well, Because it’s just the start as she said.

and honestly..? I’ve tried. I have a severe case of social Anxiety D: It’s not nice. : But then when I go to get the help I freak out. ._.

Dominic P says:

Honestly this is the best and clearest tutorial i have ever watched, and i have watched a lot of videos. You deserve so many more subs, keep up the good work!

AchievementJourney1 says:

who ever knows how to build all ultimate staffs add me GT:GOLD3NxGUNZ must know how to do all the puzzles

holy guac says:

so so sad… how the fuck do you even know all of this info

dylan murphy says:

invite me-ikz x beast

dylan murphy says:

its the same every game

lemonorangeymrs says:

Also, great lighting staff tutorial, the edited letters helped me out so much. Thanks<3

lemonorangeymrs says:

You helped me understand it so well, that I even caught a mistake you made in the video. For the fire staff, The code on the wall you said was 9, is actually 3. You then went up to the torches below the church and did the code 5,7,3,4. Instead of saying 3, you said 9, the wall was labeled as 3 but you mistakenly said 9 instead. I’m not trying to give you a hard time, it’s just that it messed me up a bit and I want other people to read this before it messes them up too.

TheWhiteWinefeldt says:

Wow your really dumb watch when he is doing the fire staff he said 5 7 9 4 but he shot 5 7 3 4 get your facts right before messing people up

ZombieGuideCentral says:

follow this link my theory on the cutscene at the end of origins! :D /watch?v=WsV1yvbRt90

xSPARTANJ1x says:


xSPARTANJ1x says:

thanks man this helped a lot :)

Rik van Doorn says:

it isnt if you know music…

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