Mr Bean – Stolen Camera

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Mr Bean asks a man to take a picture of him in the park. But the man runs off with his camera. From Mr Bean Goes to Town. Welcome to the Official Mr Bean cha…


nigerr killher says:

white power

Aarav Jhunjhunwala says:

Very funny

وليد عطيفي says:

هههههخخخخخخخ = مليون هههههخخخ

lscot2 says:

Same here…..

PaulRaffile says:

Criminal Procedures I brought me here?

James K Bricks says:

There’s no screen on that camera! /:(

NumberOne191 says:

النظرة الكني مدرية 0:12

BTtje says:


xxSyphenxx says:

Dont you dare steal mr beans camera.
Or he’ll find you. Put a trash can over your head and stab you with a pen

dsc385 says:

Who steals a Polaroid camera?

Альберт Эйнштейн says:

It’s very funny!

Bloxy06 says:

At least he took the man down.

LeviBranch18 says:

Runaway trashcan man!! Lol

LeviBranch18 says:

Runaway trashcan man!!

Khalid Al-Shuwayer says:

The guy who stole the camera is another version of Charlie Sheen. loooooooooool

a7xunlimited1 says:

1:24 sounds like pigeon lolol

semuky146 says:

mr.bean style muthafuckaa!!!

BwoodLegionAmb12 says:

holy crap im never stealing from mr bean lmao the trashcan “camera theif” bit

physicmad says:


HupHop13 says:


Elliot Gwedo says:

its like tehse are parts of movies cut out

ghemon619 says:

Please, where is this park? where is these statue? Thanks ;)

TerminusAt says:

Heh never realised before that guy is Nick Hancock, the football presenter guy with grey hair now.

TheMrshubhamjain says:

: yeaa i wanna see that also ….

afriendofbean says:

He must have really loved those three statues, and he probably thought that the more pictures he gets of himself with those three statues the more happy he gets which is why he turned and looked at them. (Maybe from 1:17-1:22, he was probably getting a bad feeling which is why he turned back around where the thief was standing).

afriendofbean says:

I guess the reason is because he mostly stays by himself (even though he has a girlfriend which he probably only likes as a friend) and when he’s by himself, the only one he talks to is his teddy bear which he just calls “Teddy.”

Johan Dale says:

because your comment will be the top in a video, who cares anyway :)

MrLukasDiSparrow says:

wat u people are with those “thumbs ups??”

mrdretlu87 says:


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