Cosplay Cleavage Tutorial

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vrenda chavez says:

i love it!

AshLvesYou says:

Dear pompberry,
I have a question for the girls that have size D/DD and up cup sizes. What would you recommend we do for cosplaying? Because I feel like doing that tripple bra technique a bit much for my cup size. Has anyone found other ways on enhancing their breasts without that method? I like the contorting but I’ve always wanted that cleavage that touches like that considering my breasts don’t really do that as much naturally.
Ashley :D

nepeta leijon says:

so i what to do this with a dress but it shows the shoulders. can you do this but with stapless bras?

Keri Peck says:

I had no idea that woman put makeup there oh my

Sunflowerfetish says:

This is for cosplaying, attempting to look exactly like a character from an anime. If the character has large breast you have to change your cleavage.

Blood Khaos says:


123lolitsme says:


pompberry says:

Hahah thank you! <3

pompberry says:

This has nothing to do with being proud or not being proud of the way you are. I love my body and getting implants or something like that is NOT something that crosses my mind! This is just about being accurate when cosplaying ;)

pompberry says:

It is not about getting attention from anyone, it is about being accurate in every detail. It is the same thing as putting on contact lenses to change your eye colour or wearing a wig to change your hair. You’re just changing something to match a character’s =]

And as a side note: this does not stop you from “playing”, since the “play” in “cosplay” stands for the ACTING aspect of it all ;)

Hellfireknightmare says:

I’m so happy my gf is a DD cup.
She will read this and she will kill me xD…So these are my last words:

Sweetbunny Grace says:

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6MAR6MAR6 says:

Replayyy!! This time I’ll listen!!!!
Wha- uhh ta replayyy!!!! This time for sure I’ll listen!!!!

Sein Maestro says:

That’s all this is good for.

Sein Maestro says:

THANK YOU!!! now back to CosPLAYING… emphasizes on “PLAYING”

I’m not interesting in the attention from males, really.

Aislynn Lewis says:

*^*/ bewbs!

xlNocry says:

SHANEZ c l4 vr3?

o Lies says:

Cleavage is overrated :/ What about girls with small boobs…Be proud of your boobs no matter what size

MsRobotRock says:

haha just like drag queens!

Ramzi Missaoui says:

hahaha she got you 

Rihorl says:


Sandy Zhang says:


crimsonshadow42 says:

What trickery is this? o_O. jk nice video

megaphone69 says:


DireDusk says:

If done wrong it would look like you need a shower badly

TitusF2 says:

A time most well spent!

madisonsullivan2000 says:

ew !

vogelscout says:

I would never do this (I don’t like to show cleavage)
but gosh, this is perfect! Thanks for those who need it! : )

pompberry says:

I did the left one more on camera because the lighting wouldn’t have allowed you to see the right one properly. I did do them equally, though.

666kazelot says:

Girl, you should get a Nobel Peace Prize.

Emily Dunn says:

you keep doing your left one and barely the right one. 

pugggz says:

This video is so good that I’m a bloke and even I could give myself cleavage with your methods :) keep up the good work babe <3

pompberry says:

No, they should fit you normally. The last one should just be a tad bigger.

Anna Libellule says:

Spent 8 mintues staring at cleavage….I’m ok with this.

joceypooh15 says:

i wear a size 40-C so should the first 2 bras be B cups

pompberry says:

Well I live with my bf, but my mom actually did walk in to me making the original cleavage tutorial while I was taking the pictures. She was like “Hey what are you d– WOAH!” hahah

Yuki Seguchi says:

i’m not trying to be rude or anything, but that is honestly the longest i have stared at anybody’s boobs other than my own, but seriously i’m so happy now i can go from a C to looking like a DD, this is a great tutorial, thanks ^_^

dobbyrocks1 says:

It would have been VERY awkward if ur mom walked in on u making this video

LeannaSinging says:

I wonder if they do this in movies? and great tutorial!

Connor Myers says:

Rock solid boobs and awesome tutorial :D

Ruler of Worlds. says:

Thank you very much for the tutorial! Haha, I laughed so hard when you said the thing of the rock solid. BTW, I love your hair! The color is sooo pretty and vivid. ;)

SomeOne247 says:

SO That’s how one gets big boobs! XD I’ve always wondered how one can go from raisins on a cutting board to crazyness. XD

Darren Griffin says:

Hottoototototohorohtohotohtohothoohoohohohtoohohohot also, you are very good btw :)

Panderkinz says:

Nice tutorial! You’re very pretty :D

Marshall Mimay says:

Thank you! <3 :)

pompberry says:

Thank you! I’m glad you liked my Mary Jane =]

Hahaha you’ve got a very keen eye, I see! It’s Cloud’s bike from FFVII ;)

pompberry says:

I actually don’t like adhesive silicone bras. They make me sweat WAY too much. It’s just very uncomfortable. I enhance my cleavage in my strapless Poison Ivy outfit by literally taping my boobs together. It’s an old drag queen method that works WONDERS! =] hahahah

pompberry says:

It is just one sock per boob. There’s not even enough space to put 2 socks! Trust me, it gets very tight.

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