DragonBall Z: Battle of Gods Full Movie Download + ENGLISH SUBS

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i assure you that there is no hacks, scams, or any sort of surveys, its simply a download for the movie so you can watch it in mp4 format :D please share thi…

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skeithxlr says:

I touched link since I’m on my phone and it downloaded so its mp4 with subs my only problem is i can’t find it in my files when I connect my phone to the laptop -_-

Exoduz24 says:

Thank you your fucking awsome.

XHaseo66 says:

omg!! your fucken awsome thank you!!!

HLJx1 says:

FINALLLYYYY!!!!Thanks kid!!You are the best(Vegeta’s voice).

William Blenheim-aning says:

Thanks u da man

xXMrMonkeyGamingXx says:


Dave Chronicle says:

you are awsome! Thank you so much :D I waited so long to watch this movie <333

Nassif9000 says:

i’m a guy xD

Tora Banshi says:

AWESOME!!! thanks for the link man!! ^_^ (or mam, if ur a girl :3 )

Nassif9000 says:

yeah, there’s someone who uploaded yo! son goku and his friends return, expecting people it was battle of gods, surprisingly, over 4 million people did xD

Nassif9000 says:

there’s a link with a download without a torrent (with english subs)

TheMootjeel18 says:

so bad movie

Grieldo Lulaj says:

wont let me paste the website of the real movie… i guess YouTube knows its out there

supervegito2277 says:

its “supreme kai” and not “god king adults”

well the other copy i have has larger reso, but thats about it.

supervegito2277 says:

i just hope its not “sun wukong” bs… thats the subs i got with a torrent.

patty32812 says:


tyler borde says:

You are my hero

Krieger D. Noah says:

I watched it on gogoanime, subs were pretty much dead on, great movie

Hamlet Valdez says:

to watch this movie go

go to latest added and click on dbz movie episode 14

DragonballZ4life99 says:

Why a torrent?? I can’t download torrents I got a warning in the mail…

IIEL3CTRiicKx says:

Virus scanned, nothing found, did a quick pan through and it seems legit.
Thank you so much!

LENNY2535 says:

Thx bro

Abhi Kumaraswamy says:

thnx! searched for months and finally found a legit link. thnx again!

Daniel R says:

Your a g bro

Deathhybr1ds says:


VR4OZ says:

The sad part about this is that because the novie was not released worldwide it has now caused a big loss in sales due to piracy. If Toei did the right thing their profits would be amazing and fans wouldn’t have the urge to hunt down illegal copies because of starvation. Bad move Japan

William Gordon says:


zeyad ahmad says:

thanx a lot man

wpegasis105 says:


supersaiyan3062 says:

and some weird stuff typed

hazza3 says:

They’re impressive subs. Probably 98% accurate in the language. Probably better than most subs anyway.

Fahd Al Zarooni says:

I know, I am just warning people cause some of the just want more likes & subs, that’s why the fool you to think is BOG.

josh mc says:

full movie copy link

brankosaulic1988 says:

Can you insttal it on phone

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