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click here for part 2: Pee Mak (Thai: พี่มาก..พระโขนง; RTGS: Phi Mak Phra Khanong) is a 2013 Thai comedy horror film directed by …

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Dani Woo says:

I think it’s some sort of their tradition in the past. :) They believed it can enhance their sex appeal. ^__^

Anne Kirsten says:

i love the part when mae nak invited them to eat in their house… LOL!

Arlyn Seth says:

Im a filipino and i love it….

annymgal says:

LOL was wondering the same question..

CHAYUY1 says:

This is a Freaking Movie, I enjoy so much.

bakidec17 says:

funny movie..

Charlene Beauchene says:

WTFudge ! it’s freaking creepy.

darkhaven87 says:

wait… what is up with the teeth

Hoot Zoot says:

keep up the good work.! thanksss a lot.!

Angel Querubin says:

Thanks for sharingbthis video.. i really wanted to watch this movie but i have no copy since im busy always in my work. Thanks a lot!

Vanessa Abenir says:

Thank you for sharing this video!

roniel rodulfa says:

thank you…

Mark Erick Factor says:

Nice movie

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