Mr.Bean Muslim – Rowan Atkinson Became Muslim according to news

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Abdu Rahman says:

michael jackson convered muslim before they killed him,but mr bean,they wont,we r no happy coz mr bean is conrverted islam but we are happy for him that he is going the right pat and he knows exactly what does islam means.

smohed sh says:

you are LAME mister
Shame on you to talk like that about Islam

imad N Exorio says:

this is true

Theos Soeht says:

what a joke, just like William thatbecome muslims begin 1900 and quit just like that buyt wasdcalled a sheik all over the3 muslim world , what a joke is this … Bean is just doing promoting you know like those on your phone and television ! like what rappers do with shoes and soda hahahhahahaha islam is LAME

banandababa says:

looooool you people are sooooo dumb how do you know it is true??

zenah hijjawee says:

Mashallahh ♡♥♡♥♡♥

ahmed d says:


Faisal Altheneyan says:

Allh akbr

Dodi Tok says:

Rowan Atkinson did NOT revert to Islam

BE CAREFUL not to share things without checking the facts (indication BE A JOKE FOR JEWISH PEOPLE & SOME PEOPLE WHO DO NOT LIKE ISLAM)


Tasu Alam says:


man seri says:

If true…Alhamdulillah

Armada Dee says:

@jehanrocks it’s not a hoax you stupid dumbass bitch

fadi elhousrye says:

Is this for real

Ayesha Siddqui says:

Won socking news

JehanRocka says:


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