“WWE 2K14″ How-To: Andre the Giant vs. Big John Studd at WrestleMania

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A video tutorial of Andre The Giant vs. Big John Studd from WrestleMania.

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SmackNationVideos says:

That’s for people with a xbox

SmackNationVideos says:

Press A to grapple then press A again

footballanderlecht says:

how do you do that slam??

LegendaryDeathTroll says:

thanks for tell that, i have PS3 XD

nelson bart says:

Tenks only X body slammin my ps3

Javyion says:

It keeps doing a DDT when I press x 0.o

Kevin Nova says:

I know I don’t know how

TheSniperfan12 says:

how do u do a body slam with Andre?

Brandon Peterson says:

i did to

IntentChief says:

Press a fr xbox

raymanandeze says:

JUST PRESS X FOR PS3 yes I had to yell

ewall says:

it doesnt say what to press

Jorge Salazar says:

It was so hard i did a bodyslam and i did not Windows the match

Jordan Kerr says:


REPCORD Hardy says:

How do you do the body slam on the Xbox 360?

DoubleH5150 says:

Andre does have theme music, listen closely.

Rob Keeley says:

Not out in Ireland until Friday but it looks amazing is this finally going to be a wrestling game that finally delivers? I’m looking forward to the online play

Taylor Glover says:

Well, titantrons didn’t exist in the WWE back then.

GurahkWeavile says:

Neither did Big John Studd, what’s your point?

XCRDSX says:


Edison Mejia says:

Lol, the ref was taking the leftover money.

TimVKFlyn says:

From Grenoble, France ! Just Like me !

Daniel Cardona says:

Ref stealing money

Margie King says:


HERNE b says:


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