“WWE 2K14″ How-To: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. The Rock at WrestleMania 19

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A video preview on how to defeat “Stone Cold” Steve Austin at WrestleMania 19.


Micah W says:

I love this rock and theme! Was really hoping that theyd have that cinematic Hollywood entrance, but nevertheless, great!

mightyknight says:

Paul Heyman is the game creator

kevin rodriguez says:

the end of a legendary rivality. DAMN

Levi Wardrop says:

wow the ramp is small remember the gigantic walk to the ring it was at Mania 19?

henrique durant says:

The rock should of wear a jacket

Terrance Neal says:

They should’ve made the walkway longer.

Pibodabo says:

If they only had this Stunner animation put into the games moveset it would have been great

Pibodabo says:

It is more of a mashup of The Rock`s Summerslam 2002 entrance and Hollywood Rock`s Entrance lol

Marc Chippindale says:

What made wrestlemania 19 look good was its unconventional stage that was offset to the ring meaning the ramp had a turn half way through. I thought it looked really good. Obviously there would be problems with reanimating every wrestler entrance to make them turn said corner

MrAbridgedTV says:

Is it really hard to do the entrance properly for this rock? Jericho retro intro, retro rock stage. Then the rest is ok

Euraw Pierre says:

I don’t like the game play, its looks like it’s SvR 2011, and commentary sucks. The game creators are lazy

shelo179 says:

not matter, this game mode is great !

Ravibhai Gonsai says:

no no no no no no no no no no no no no no but it is yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

smokah15 says:

2k doesn’t change stone cold’s vest here ..

MostCharismaticEver says:

Why is everybody complaining? This is awesome, so what, he enters too early, theyve had Kane do that for years, change it yourself

lolo8068 says:


CultDestroyer12 says:

Well, the audience looks “paperish” to me lol

Velocity HD says:

are my going to buy this game? YES YES YES

do i care what you guys say? NO NO NO

Elijah Walker says:

The Graphics are ok, but the entrance animation sucks !

JBC02 says:

The intro of his theme covered
his whole entrance

JBC02 says:


Quentin Coxx says:

Does anyone else feel like these graphics suck

abdulalimmdsani says:

The Rock entrance was wrong….

StefanoDrumsLife says:

It’s almost the same as wwe 13, thank god i didint buy wwe 13, so I’m getting this one :)

Anthony Chavez says:



You couldn’t give Rock his Hollywood entrance?

Ahmed Warsame says:

Stone Colds last match

wwelilkane says:

the minitron is just edited from Create an Entrance, you can choose minitrons now.

al112v3 says:

I don’t know why they just copied his entrance from his updated new Rock 2013 entrance, they just could did a new long entrance for his Heel persona.

MrBarti98 says:

Oh my god…Music completely doesn’t fit to the entrance….

IgglyStuff says:

They could’ve easily fixed the entrance….

TurlesNightZero says:

Why they do this?

99montano says:

Crowd sounds the same in every entrance + commentary is pretty bad aswell

Konrad Toney says:

Only gonna use this this rock gonna use taker intro for length and have video on full screen rest will be the same :D

RIPCURL316 says:

The crowd just sounds the same all the way through

YungxKizzy says:

I’m going to fix that entrance.

lordyrich says:

SOOOO LAZY. CTRL C CTRL V The entire last game and just add hollywood-rock-theme mp3 to the entrance -____-

Mr.Zombicik says:

woah i dont remember him being this fast.

96TopGear says:

That’s not The rock’s hollywood entrance!

Jacob Bennett says:

It’s a joke they have a better looking rock bottom for the quick time moment

BaconandCash says:

I was upset that the rock didn’t have a kip up for this match. It was so stupid

KaneTaker99 says:


mckdink says:

I dont know why I was hoping for this because I knew it would never happen… But I was hoping that they’d make the entrance ramp how it was in real life lol… It was diagonal so when walked down the ramp the ringpost would be at the bottom of the ramp

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