Disney’s “Frozen”: Elsa *Ice Queen* MAKEUP TUTORIAL

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Transform into a wintery ice queen, inspired by Disney’s newest movie, “Frozen”! Watch as I show you how to become Elsa, a frosty, fantasy ice queen! ***WATCH MY COVER OF “LET IT GO” FROM…


Nina Stallmann says:

I see all these talented make-up artists apply their false lashes lol I
cant do it to save my life! :(

babymad74 says:

Just uploaded my Xmas haul and a frozen inspired makeup tutorial! Check
them out:) I will be doing a giveaway when I get 2,000 subscribers, only
300 subs away! 

Flora Draculaura says:

Hey u!!! Elsa’s crease is not canberry red, it’s kind of like hot pink!!! R
u thinking of canberry juice when you’re doing the makeup???

Minh Thu Nguyen says:

you are really beautiful, even without your makeup

Seventeen says:

Love Frozen AND your frosty makeup look!!

xoLoveLeti says:

Hey girl love the video you look beautiful! I have a video titled Animal
Testing 101 / Cruelty Free Beauty I would love for you to watch :)

Nina Stallmann says:

Your videos are so beautiful and wonderfully edited! <3

SuperEllyh says:

Thanks Charisma for showing me this awesome youtube channek! This looks
amazing. New Subscriber here! (:

XanimekingdomX says:

a frozen commercial just came on while I was watching this lol
lovely makeup!:]

Park Ailaa says:

You are SO beautiful !!! Arghh Im jealous!

Allie Yumang says:

More disney !!

Michelle Williams says:

I love this look! U did a great job :)

Flora Draculaura says:

Well, Elsa don’t have Frackles 

Taylor swift channel says:

Else is ugly just like her

Jeeah Lee says:

Thanks oh so much for the movie Frozen Makeup Tutorial! I
absolutely,definitely, & totally Luvv you and Luvv your videos oh so much!
Oh So Inspiring To Hear & Watch!

Fifi Girl says:

Awesome look! I did the same one, I had to rewatch the “Let it Go” clip
from the film a million times to get it right but it turned out great.
Super wearable! I was even able to wear it to work but that may be
because the colors aren’t so strong on my brown skin. You look beautiful
btw and I LOVE the work you did for this video.

Josephine Molina says:


Sandy Bido says:

I don’t wanna be ‘that’ girl but the freckles are closer to her nose… And
it’s not because I like to point out all your mistakes, it’s because I
really like to pay attention to those thing in movies. Sorry if I sound
like some b!tch that likes to point out your mistakes, just wanted to help

JubblyLoola YassieB says:

It looks cool but I must take ages just to put on makeup and be quite heavy
still looks good and just like Elsa! 

Snow Yang says:

You should do Ana.

Brittney Cleverley says:

Dude, wow. Finally a makeup artist who understands color. You extracted the
look for Elsa very well. I am impressed and thrilled I found you! Thank

Emilie F says:

You’re hair looks much better and much more like the animation than the wig
the girl who plays Elsa at Disney wears does! 

1stPCFerret says:

I would love to have seen you with a pair of lavender conbtacts.

Elsa of Arendelle says:

It makes you look so beautiful! Great makeup!

Dwan Clark says:

U thank your pretty

Marnie Styles says:

omg ur sooooooo freaking pretty!!!! why cant I look like you!!!!

Hanis Nabilah says:

elsa!!! from frozen!!

desiree harvell says:

Ok I hate this dumb bieber commercial that comes on every time I try to
watch a vid ugh anything but Bieber and his mustache is noticeable

Gracie Berry says:

Wow! Ur really good at doing the voiceovers and the makeup and everything! :) I am not that good and probably could never do this look af well as u
did but….. Ty! Ur vid quality is awesome! Ur so stunning. (Beginning and
end,) I really luv this movie and I feel like in ur makeup tutorial and the
music vid u did great. Having watched the wardrobe yet but I will! :) keep
doing good. Subscribed! :]

SereneSavior says:

Everyone has been telling me that I look like Elsa so I finally went to see
the movie yesterday. I’ve got the white hair, freckles and all… Its so
I think this makeup is very flattering. Nice job. :)

Shadey Jadey says:

Omg,are so beautiful ^__^ 

Jensi Hill-hurta says:

This is a great look

It_aintObeezy says:

… I dont even know why im watching this.

CakeLover RLCA says:

She is so pretty…

Athena Ho says:

U have fat cheeks no offense

trevor p says:

this is so awesome i love makeovers

draculaura clawdeen says:

you say defined ALOT

Maria Zavala says:

I love it

Chayll Acoba says:

Ur reallly really pretty
P.s luv ur vids

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