WWE :CM Punk Best In The World Full Documentary

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epickota69 says:

fucking amazing, cm punk is truely the best in the world. i sat and watched
the whole thing

30mmBalistic says:

Who is this emo hipster bitch? No wonder wrestling went on the decline….

Andrea Pirlo says:

can someone tell me what CM Punk stands for?

The Strong says:

Look into my eyyyyyeeeeees what do you see?????
A PG Lover… Punk it’s good but not “the best in the world” and his
gimmick sucks I want the old ECW CM Punk back…

Chi Bulls says:

Thanks so much for this

Jake Gigawatt says:

Punk was absolutely right for burying the Miz. David Arquette deserved the
belt more than him.

ShinigamiblackFYS23 says:

Oh look Michael Hayes being an arrogant shithead, and I’ve seen some jabs
at Cena in the comments, but his sounded alot less scummy and more honest
than that shitbag Michael Hayes. 

TheID4nTe says:

the most annoying wrestler today , he always beat the best talent , he is
good wrestler but he got everything just stop for 1 year ffs , let some
talent to be better , also he need to turn HEEL , he is the most boring
FACE today 

Greg Dishgrikyan says:

he versed Shelton Benjamin sweet

xLeGeNDzSTaRx says:

38 people deserve a GTS ON TOP OF THE HELL IN A CELL

Lemon Gill says:

CM PUNK needs another run as ‘the rebel’. People really respected him after

Tony Montana says:

best overall package wrestler in the world
arguable if he is the best out and out wrestler only Bryan might be better
cm punk needs to win the rumble or have the main event at wrestle mania 

Cherry Bloss says:

Wow… No idea no one excepted him for who he truly is except paul heyman
and he still managed to be wwe champion for 434 days very impressive

Jay Semiz says:


The ending scene. Lol, funny I just watched that movie the other night.

Rockybalboa says:

Cool dvd. But chris jericho is still and always will be the true best in
the world. He claimed it . He owns it. And his dvd is cool too.

Griffin Schmoyer says:

Amazing Documentary!

zohib ali says:

He is my favourite wrestler ever

princessjool says:

thank you for sharing that was really interesting.

Young Kage says:

WWE really didn’t want shit to do with Cm punk now look at him he’s a
legend in his own rights. Kofi Kingston and Daniel Bryan should make a
documentary about them selves too. 

Hrollief1 says:

I already didn’t like Cena, but his interviews in this makes me hate him

TheKaisama says:

Wow. I always knew Punk had a chip on his shoulder, but I never knew he was
a straight up ass. Did he really feel it was necessary to bury Miz on his
own WWE documentary? Had someone like HHH or HBK thrown Miz under the bus
and insinuate he didn’t deserve it over them, they would be rightly
lambasted. But because another young talent says it, it’s a-ok. Punk really
is a lot like Jericho. Full of talent across the board but has a level of
arrogance and egotism that makes them hard to stomach sometimes.

Alex Dang says:

Thanks for the video!!!! I love CM PUNK!

IJ cordoba says:

Chicago made punk

Adam Ali says:

Cmpunk is awesome

Guidasonic says:

that was an AWESOME documentary. man, what a story. i love hearing about
the real life stuff behind the scenes, its actually the reason i started
watching total divas, you get to see the backstage stuff and that really
interests me

machoman soto says:

wow that was long but it was more better to know more of the best in the
word thanks

Leroyal Hester says:

Watching This In 2014 ! CM Punk IS The Best In The World Hands Down !

Brian Kühn says:

Best in the world CM PUNK

Timmy Turner says:


Drew Russell says:

Holy Crap. C.M Punk is this generation’s Rowdy Roddy Piper

jacobcook7 says:

Dixie dreams of drawing LWF numbers

João Fernandes says:

I like this documentary ! I´m big fan of CM Punk!

Tristan Siu says:

wow if you think about it CM Punk told us the story line up to 2014
-”I’m a Paul Heyman guy”
- “This company is going to get taken over by his idiotic daughter, and his
doofus son in law.”
O_O holy shiiiiiiiitttt

jaredhipfn says:


Jared Delgado says:

0:49:25 so ironic

Chaitanya Rahalkar says:

+Dodamn Please follow me!

ADN7 says:

He is sooooo frank, he is not afraid of saying the truth, and he is a right

Captain says:

Joey mercury looks OOOLD

tyshawn ponder says:

Believe in the Best in the World!

Brian Rose says:

It wasn’t Punk’s fault that he had the title and it didn’t make him the
man. It was WWE’s fault because those morons had 2 world champions, so of
course world champ doesn’t mean as much when there’s 2 world titles. Triple
H is slowing making it better but WWE has had really bad ideas the last 7
or 8 years.

WWEThe RockBottom says:

Thanks everyone for 100K+ views

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