About Last Night Trailer 2014 Kevin Hart & Regina Hall Movie – Official [HD]

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About Last Night trailer 2014 – Official movie trailer in HD – starring Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Paula Patton, Joy Bryant, and Regina Hall – directed by Ste…


Tahja Tomlinson says:

About Last Night was the greatest chick flick, because it was so raw. It
didn’t cut corners or sugar coat anything. It had the dynamic of what makes
a relationship and what it means to be in love. All the while putting in
some actual drama that is believable. I loved how instead of in the end
them confessing that they loved each other, each couple built it up
The comedy was… Dude! It’s Kevin Hart man, every segment with him was
laughable delight. I left the movie with a smile on my face, I highly
recommend this! Just watch it.

Jacklyn Sweets says:

The commercials were not convincing but this trailer was. I can’t wait to
see it :)

Quensel Lawrence says:

I seen an advanced screening of this film and it was better than I
expected. Alot of sex within the first 20 minutes of the film, I mean alot
of sex! But it was funny of course because of Kevin Hart and Michael Ealy
had his moments as well. I wish we see Joy Bryant in more roles like this,
She is absolutely beautiful and Regina Hall always will be a top contender
in my book. I hated Paula Patton acting in this movie, because personally I
don’t think she can!! But I give it a 7/10, great movie for a date, but
expect alot of debatable conversations following your viewing

TeeJay Walker says:

man i have to see this!!

KiPCommunity says:

OMG Kevin Hart!

Definitely checking out this movie, that shit looks hilarious.

NeedaBettrName says:

Lol hopefully I’m not the only one who thinks Regina Hall is still hot as

Maine says:

1:33 Dat ass tho!

PrincessPerfectMe says:

this look hilarious!

JaimeTheBanana says:

kevin hart is hilarious!

Walter Talledo says:

As long as its not a tyler shitty perry movie I’ll watch it.

meaghanvic says:

Dj Corbett-Say yeah

Deion Lloyd says:

That’s epic

John Garland says:

The food gonna eat through the bag LOOOOOL

FrenkyCRO says:

? is this prequel or sequel or whatever to ”Think like a men” ??

Sazzy Barbie says:

Lmao must watch

Chaz Davis says:

Aye that’s crazy. The girl that’s playing TRACEY in the movie is my
ex-girlfriend. And her real name is Tracey. So dope. I’m so proud of her.

ShyneOnMe1 says:

Happy Valentines Day Lovers! Enjoy. Laugh. Share.
“Kevin Hearted” – Shyne On Me

Anonymous says:

maroon 5- 1 more night..>> last song

nelson kaboots says:

“that was tie, so we gotta go from the side”, that made me laugh. Must
admit am not really a fan of kevin Hart, but this looks pretty good

Demetrius Poole Jr says:

Funny as hell 

Jean Cedrix Isou says:

Can’t Waitttt

MrsGp just stating the facts says:

I’m going to see this..a gift to me

Porsche'a Janay says:

I have to see this movie…

Priscilla Myers says:

Dame! I didn’t even know about this movie. I’m glad I know now, because i’m
definitely going to watch. Browsing through shit is a mutherfucka. You will
find everything..

T Valentine says:

Das a tie,so we gotta go from the side!!!!

sonear pov says:

Kevin hart is so funny

Jan Schouteet says:

Anybody knows the song that starts at 1.14 saying “We can make tonight,
when we’ll remember, the best night of our lives…?(Not Westlife) Thanks!

aurelia0011 says:

what’s the titles of the songs ?

Liz Hall says:

10/10 would see this regardless of content simply because of Michael Ealy. 

Hugo Van Der Mart says:

Does anyone know the song that starts at 1.09?

Taj Jacobi says:

What is the second song called?

Nellie F says:

i like black pppl

margaux generoso says:

i wannaaaa seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Nicole Minor says:

Think like a man part 2 

Alex A. Bhayat says:

maroon 5 – one more night……..for those want to know the song

Kangom Nawe says:

Awesome movie, can’t wait to watch it

zuni diaz says:

Kevin is a funny funny funny funny person

DeVon Stewart says:

seems like a funny movie! Man Kevin Hart is blowing up on all these movies
coming out in 2014.

Kwasi Amoah says:

That ass tho 1:33

Ultimate (Musician) Entertainment says:

remake of the 1986 film of the same name; both are based on the 1974 play
Sexual Perversity in Chicago by David Mamet.

Renee Jump says:

Hey I really need some help!! Ive been searching for two days now and I
cant find the song that starts at like 28 seconds?:( “If you love me baby
say yeah?” can anyone help me???

rockyfabion says:

just by the preview i can tell that this movie is going to be just like the
2014 version of “Sprung” !

momoswaqqin14 says:

What this movie rated?

Samantha McLean says:

is this a remake of the 80s movie with rob lowe and demi moore???? c’mon u
cant remake a movie like that!

Alexa Cabrera says:

The song at 0:30 is “Say Yea” by Dj Corbett

Meg Precourt says:

what is the song at 1:14???!!

Autumn Brown says:

Song at 1:14 is let’s make tonight special by westlife

Phillip Carter says:

Looks great. Kevin heart is taking over lol!!!! Regina hall is a dime piece
very underated.

Bryce Andrews says:

Did he really pass her a bag?lol

oleezy21 says:

the part where kevin hart is talking the food is funny

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