Undertaker Returns – WWE Top 10

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The Undertaker has returned to WWE! Check out this list of his greatest returns in WWE history. http://www.wwe.com/wwenetwork.


Alex Maxham says:

+Alvin McClendon II +Christina Cooper Every return is epic too! I like the
’06 one with Kurt Angle in the ring lol

BurnoutInc says:

#4 with JR screaming ITS THE UNDERTAKER! Gets me hyped every time.

DragONheart27X says:

where the hell was his Judgement Day return? that was the best, totally
kick ass.

Chris Jericho says:


Dusk Phoenix says:

Kane was part of four or five of those returns

JediJane26 says:

rip paul bearer

BasimLevel1 says:

Heath Slater & Undertaker 22 – 01

Sinkento says:

lol at the fake lightning…

Ellie Salmeron says:

I always heard everyone calling the undertaker “dead man” can someone
explain that reasoning? thank u :)

wolfafe says:

Every time Undertaker comes out is an epic moment.

Sean Stiggers says:

Raw 1000 was my Fav because I think that is and was their last time being
in the ring together as the B.O.D…only way I see it happening again is if
they retire together and give all of us ONE MORE MATCH…

Ghostface Killah says:

#6 and #7 need to switch 

hardy4ever98 says:

Such lightning. Much realistic

Dre-Guy says:

undertaker always knows how to make an entrance but his returns haven’t
been as good as the old days. The last good one had to be the Undertaker vs
Kane comeback 

Necra Monium says:

that first doing, spine chilling to hear it. :)

EASpokaneChiefs says:

Unforgiven 2007 was my favorite.

DKrules9 says:

Where’s Survivor Series 95?

Angelique Laroche says:

Dat lightning tho *amazed*

Laterian Pichardo says:

The Undertaker is the best!

WanderingRurouni92 says:

Thank God. I thought #1 was going to be The American Badass return.

Ish Balla says:

Really? No SS return after the Cm Punk/Hardy Ladder match? hmmmm i wonder

Demetrius Mayo says:

Undertaker Returns Was Alwayz Epic 

Diego Rios says:

Waht happened with his return in SummerSlam 2008?, road to the Hell in a

MagreloDetonados says:


Angelito Park says:

undertaker return in unforgiven was the best and forgot the return of the
american badass

DuckOnQwack Dorian says:

I swear right when you hear that bell hit, I get the chills up my spine and
on the back of my head…EVERYTIME!

tom wright says:

Summerslam 2010


i would neva in my life be apart of undertakers fights

MinimiMax says:

The fact that a top ten video can actually be made out of the returns of
Undertaker kind of shows that it has happened too much.

guilherme carlos says:

dead man walking

Erin Frew says:

0:46 – Best returns eveeeer !!

FunkSoulClassic89 says:

how many times has he returned haha

TheArabFunny says:

Maybe WWE forgets that Undertaker was American Badass and BIG EVIL!!

Resistance RP says:

Brock Lesnar has left the WWE so often that you could probably do a top 10
returns for him, just using 2012-2014 footage -_-

Cody Jefferson says:

The best one is number 3

CookieDoh91 says:

how he’s not in the hall of fame yet i don’t know

RZI Productions says:

Best WWE Top 10 Ever!

Cookieshat22 says:

That was AWSOME!!!!

truediva18 says:

What about the time when he “floated” to the ring”. I wonder if that was a
return or not. 

needmoneynow2 says:

When did WWE get I guess license to use the WWF logo again without blocking
it out? They must’ve worked something out with that animal organization

harrasqureshi234 says:

That first dong always gives me goosebumps

Jax Bivens says:

They forgot to add his return/debut of “The American BadAss” gimmick at

Aldo S. McLaren says:

I love how they miss out returns from 00 to 03. 

Tim Walls says:

IMO the summerslam return is far to low on the list it should be number 2
at least

BigLaserPoint says:

Legend <3

Jrv Happy says:

Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt. Freakiest good guy against freakiest bad guy!
Make it happen! 

Joseph Averaimo says:


Harvey Dent says:

Mark is mainly done. He went into a church ministry with his wife and
Glenn.., aka Kane, is trying to pursue to run for senate of Tennessee. 

Brian DuBois says:

during return #4, you can hear king say undertaker’s real name

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