Enemy of the State Full Movie will smith HD

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Linda Newcomb says:

a great movie made well before its time. totally believable too isnt it?

MmeDefarge (NYPD is Corrupt) says:

Change the title before they delete this.

Micah Colde says:

This all spells Eric Snowden and the NSA.

Drewtriple3 says:

Thanks man!! I appreciate you posting this 

YuNg HaSaN says:

This happens in real life so take it seriously.

Jonathan Gregory says:

Thanks for the upload. Change the title and it will stay up longer. their
yanking everyone else’s EOTS video’s. WTW!!! 

charlieflint says:

This is one of those films which worn extremely well, still perfectly
watchable and re-watchable!

One of my all time favourites with some great actors, known and not so well
known at the time of release.

Elizabeth Johnson says:

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